Out in the Cold (Whining)


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Apr 22, 2021
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2008 Ford Escape, 2014 Ford Mustang GT
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I'm feeling left out in the cold by my dealer and Ford. I have a day two early morning reservation, which I attempted to convert in late February with a factory receipt in early March. However, my dealer didn't properly link my reservation to my order. I didn't catch it until late June, when my order wasn't showing up on Ford's website. Previously, I assumed that Ford's system just took a loooooooong time to update. After spending a couple hours on the phone with the Bronco hotline and several emails to my dealer, I was able to get my order properly linked to my reservation - with a date of June 29. Follow-up calls with the Bronco hotline were not able to get the date changed to reflect the date of my factory receipt/initial order. Because they've discontinued the AMB on my initial order, I will have to change that for the MY22 order, and because my order date is messed up, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get screwed on the price protection too.

Between my (original) order and today I have received none of the swag, and the only email I've gotten is to tell me that my order will be pushed to MY22. My FedEx account shows no incoming packages. I've reached out to Ford through a couple channels (including on these forums), and haven't gotten an answer or any help for these issues.

I'm not really expecting a solution to come from me posting this (hence the whining warning), but I'm feeling very frustrated and disheartened by all of this. If this trend continues, I'm not going to see any of that dealer customer cash either.

Anybody in a similar boat?