Painted my bronco emblem black..


Sep 11, 2021
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I like the bronco emblem and Im cool with chrome, but it didn't work on my black/blue BL bronco. So I went to work to fix it..

See pics. Sorry I didn't take more. End result not perfect but Im happy with it. The extra coats of satin finish paint also created a rhino lined look, which I like bc its tough looking and matches bumper and still satin to match wheels etc. Very happy. It cost me a grand total of about $20 to do and the rest of the gear needed, I already had at home.

Here is what I did:

1. Buy stuff or find it in your house; but first take pic of the chrome emblem on the bronco for future reference, you will need it later. Then you need dental floss or string, goo gone, spray paint see pic for exact kind I used, light grit sand paper, paper towel or news paper, rags, exacto knife or box cutter, gorilla glue double sided heavy duty black tape, a chair, flashlight and alcohol wipe.

2. Use dental floss to remove emblem. Just come at it from top down and then left side to right side, all in one shave. Takes 1-2 minutes. Not hard. Might want to tape the top of emblem so it doesn't fall when using both hands to finish flossing it off.

3. Use the goo gone to remove any excess adhesive from the bronco paint surface. 5 minutes. This step sucks the most..

4. Lightly sand and then clean the emblem. 3 minutes. You don't have to sand it but I did to help the paint bond better/last longer. If it ever needs re-painting I just repeat these steps years down the road. Easy.

5. Placed emblem outside on paper towel in grass. Proceeded to walk around it 360 degrees hitting it with short bursts from 1-2ft away. Not to close or too long of a shot. 3 minutes max. Let dry for 1hr.

6. Apply a second coat for about 1-2 minutes. Let dry another hour.

7. Place emblem on soft surface upside down and begin cutting out the gorilla glue tape to fit the back of the emblem and press it firmly in place. See picture. Note, I covered the entire emblem but the main part of it that touches the bronco is in the center. Go press on your chrome bronco emblem and you will see what I mean. More bronco owner emblems out there wont be fully 100% touching the paint either.

8. Apply a third coat of paint for about 1 minute. Max. Look for any spots you may have missed bc this is the last application of paint. Let it dry for 1 hour. Came out good IMO, has a cast iron look. Perfect.

9. Place emblem back on soft surface upside down and begin removing the gorilla tape adhesive backing using a box cutter blade or exact knife. Take your time. 10 minutes + or -.

10. Clean the surface of the bronco with wet rag. Dry it. Then hit it again with the alcohol wipe to insure all the goo gone is, well, gone lol.

11. Suggest grabbing a chair to sit on, a flashlight if not used on your phone, and your phone to view the original placement on bronco emblem in picture you took in the beginning. When ready slowly set the emblem in place and when its set, begin gently pressing the emblem with a soft lightly damp towel. Hold it in--in key places. 2-3 minute process. Some corners may not fully touch the paint, that is ok if so but do your best. *The center is most important contact point on the emblem to be grabbing paint.

*That's it. All done. Enjoy!! :)









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