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Jul 14, 2020
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I have had my soft top since 10/1 and I thought it was a good time to apply something beyond the factory protection for the top. Having done some research, I decided on the RaggTopp Protectant. Garage kept and never really dirty, the top gets a quick rinse during my washes. I do the windows with wash suds and a soft microfiber mitt. Today it was dry and clean so I went over the top with a vacuum and soft brush attachment, followed by a lint roller.

Like most comparable products, the spray protectant says you can simply wipe off overspray with a microfiber towel. Being unsure what to expect, I decided to mask and cover some things, just to be sure. Took about 20 minutes. I applied the spray per the instructions, however, using gloved hands, I ran my hands over the surface to lightly "rub it in" to the fabric. I let it dry about an hour between coats and did 3 coats, using just shy of 2 cans. (1 can will get you 2 light/med coats). I left it in the garage overnight and waited to see the results.

Today's wash had me spray the top and the beading was great! I have to say I am very happy with the results. I am not sure how much it would bead after a heaving dousing of water or rain, but the initial results are promising. The long-term durability is also something that I am curious about. I hope to get 9-12 months of protection.

Here are some observations:
The masking prep is probably something that is not necessary. I did find a little overspray and it come off pretty easy. I would likely do the windows and rear 1/4 again, simply because you have those thin strips of fabric and cleanup would be more of a hassle than masking. As for the windows, I don't want to have to rub them in any way.
The product spray then rub in technique looks like a good way to go. I felt like the product got into the fabric better instead of just staying on top.
The can says 2-3 coats and I think that is about right.
I think a ph neutral car soap and micro mitt will be what I use, but only when the top looks like it needs it. Otherwise it will be just a jet of water.
Vacuum and lint roller work great. Ikea has the rollers pretty cheap.
Next time I think I will open the swing gate and get it out of the way.
I did pop up the top to put the plastic underneath. Might do the same on the rear clamshell next time.

Here are some pics:
Ford Bronco Soft Top Protection and Results Cover Spray 3
Ford Bronco Soft Top Protection and Results Cover Spray 4

Ford Bronco Soft Top Protection and Results Spray Cover Treated

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