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There has been tremendous interest [see list & discussion thread] among many of us to come together to strengthen our purchasing power within Texas and surrounding states. Many of you have asked to be included if such a group were formed. Well, now that group formally exists!

This is an organized and legitimate effort to make the purchasing program many of us have seen available elsewhere available here in Texas without the hassle of the multi-state journey required in order to bring our new toy home. By combining our collective resources, we believe we can persuade a local Texas Ford dealer to offer something similar others in the country enjoy. If successful, not only will we all have a fantastic new vehicle to enjoy but also will have leveraged a large group of like minded individuals to achieve the benefits only a large group can. We need your help and your participation. Our goal is to begin negotiating with Texas dealers no later than Labor Day, if not sooner, and to have an agreement in place within weeks thereafter so everyone will have ample time to move their reservation.

The link below will open a Contact Me form to officially register your interest in a buying group exclusively for Bronco6G forum members wishing to negotiate a purchasing deal with a local dealer in the Texas region. Submit the form and a member of the negotiation team will provide you with additional information regarding the next steps.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


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