Making the Case For a Ford Bronco GT Supertruck

Here’s an exciting idea proposed by automotive journalist Chad Kirchner for a Bronco GT Supertruck.

Realistically, the likelihood of a Bronco GT super truck isn’t high, but we think there’s lots of merit to the idea of making a high performance model for the 2020 Ford Bronco.

As Chad points out, people want big cars, as evidenced by current truck and SUV sales figures. Enthusiasts’ desire to have a fast and powerful car isn’t limited to sports cars. Us folks like to go fast in whatever we may be traveling in. So, we think a Bronco GT would absolutely sell… including non-GT models. It’s a fact that halo models help sell the models positioned lower in the lineup. And just the F-150 Raptor has undoubtedly helped general F-150 sales, a Bronco GT/Raptor/Whatchamacallit halo truck would absolutely help promote Bronco sales and image.

Let us know your opinion on a Bronco GT and catch the discussions INSIDE.