2021 Bronco Will Have Advanced Off-Road Technology

The upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco will have advanced off-road technology features, according to the latest leak discovered in an engineer’s online profile who works at a consultant firm working with Ford on the next Bronco.

The leak suggests that the Bronco will have a variety of off-road (and on-road) technology including Off-Road Navigation, Adventure Capture, Convoy Communications, Real-Time Pressure Monitoring, Rear Seat Occupant Alert and On-Board Scales.

These technology features indicate that the 2021 Bronco may have the ability to virtually map drivers, capture video recordings and provide an integrated communication system for drivers who are off-roading their Broncos.

It remains to be seen just how each of these technologies will work and which, if any, will be offered standard or as add-on options.

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