Bronco Camo Icons Come Into Focus

Thanks to the latest round of spy photos, we now have a clear view of the symbols that Ford playfully added to the 2021 Bronco prototype’s camouflage.

The images that come into focus are a fish, tent, rocky slope, deer, snowflake and heartbeat (?). The outdoorsy icons could be more indications the Bronco is taking aim at the adventure seeking and overlanding crowd. As one B6G user also pointed out, some of the icons are trail markers.

A more fun and intriguing explanation, as one B6G member has speculated, is perhaps Ford is teasing special packages that will come with the new Bronco, such as a hunting edition, fishing edition, etc., in much the same way the original Bronco allocated gear for the outdoors by including a jack and shovel.

Have a look at the Bronco camouflage icons yourself and tell us what you think.