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    Navy Pier Interior + Cactus Gray Bronco Combination on Bronco Sport

    This is not true. It's a 2021 color for the Mustang too.
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    Navy Pier Interior + Cactus Gray Bronco Combination on Bronco Sport

    What vehicle will I be able to see cactus gray on the soonest? The Mustang Mach one the new Ranger or the bronco sport?
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    Article: Bronco Warthog confirmed for 2021 with Fall reveal and December ordering?

    This is the part I don’t understand. I’m canceling my reservation ASAP if this is really the Warthog. That’s good for me but awful for Ford.
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    *Look away Dave Ramsey enthusiasts* -- Buying Bronco with cash out home refinance?

    So I work in the mortgage industry but I don’t actually sell mortgages so this isn’t motivated from any sort of greed. But there is a situation where this isn’t a terrible idea. If you have not yet refinance your home in about the last six months since rates have been completely insane you could...
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    4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    Wow! Thanks. That satin looks amazing.
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    4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    Cactus green with black top please? Also, can you change the gloss level? I’m planning an Xpel Stealth wrap. It will look more satin. Almost flat.
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    PRICE Matching NC

    Damn I already switched to Stephen’s. Since they only allows one switch guess I’m on a road trip.
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    Bronco Super Celebration - Saturday Q&A

    We already know this. The B shaped taillight is the signature lighting available on the higher trims.
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    Spotted a bronco sport in Sanford Florida

    Liking that shiny black roof!
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    Dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco, particular trim, or option??

    Ok, so what’s the dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco or a particular trim or option? I’ll go first. I’m choosing the Badlands because I can’t stand the idea of having an open switch space on the off-road hero panel. Guess I have OCD.
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    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I just got my Email confirmation! "Your Bronco reservation has been updated. Your Dealer: Stephens Auto Center" Time to plan a road trip!
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    Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    Does this confirm that the roll cages are going to be body color?