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    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    Pretty sure the VB is going to be available just as soon as the originally announced colors. Early rumors put them in June 2021 but now that seems to be the trend for all the 2021s.
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    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    Lightening Blue with a white top would be perfect for me. Too bad Badlands won’t offer it... at least the Velocity Blue with a white top will look just as nice. Now we just need confirmation of a white top!!!
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    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Well, if you’re interested in picking up an earlier reservation too, I saw several people pitching their reservations for ridiculous amounts on eBay.
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    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Ever talk with Doug about a raise? I’d fully endorse it if brought to my attention!
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    Antimatter Blue real life look - on 2021 F-150

    One could wish my friend, one could wish... I know painters can do a bunch of mysterious things with metallic flake; I had a car with purple chameleon flake that changed colors in different lighting so I know it’s possible. Thought we were onto something revolutionary from the factory.
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    Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    Simply beautiful... at first I was psyched that I had a white hard top but then I saw the dream fade to gray.
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    Antimatter Blue real life look - on 2021 F-150

    Thanks for the post... this is definitely a let down as compared to the AMB - 3D demo from earlier this week. I know I had my expectations high but I was looking for a brilliant change from black to blue but I only see a beautiful blue metallic base coat that doesn't shine through as well when...
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    First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    I’m hoping we’ll have the white hard top option as alluded to over and over to get over this faded dilemma.
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    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Two door Badlands dressed in Area 51 outfitted with the Lux packages powered by the 2.7l EcoBoost... simply perfect:
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    Spotted a Bronco Raptor / Warthog prototype?

    With the delay for the first Broncos to hit the street next summer, I wish Ford would just focus on one thing at a time instead of more feats ahead. I just want my Bronco as it was introduced, not all these new ideas causing exhausting delays.
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    2021 Bronco pricing & savings spreadsheet (X-Plan vs Invoice and Below Invoice)

    Thanks, Albert. I grabbed my DAV PIN when I thought I was going to get $1,000 in bonus cash with my DAV X-Plan. Turns out there is some conflicting information as to whether or not the Bronco is eligible. I appreciate the information.
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    Our latest simulated Bronco Sasquatch in production colors & white tops / fenders

    The more I see the white accents, the less interested I become in the white and more I’m liking the original gray or black trim pieces.
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    Another Look at Front Facing Trail Camera on Bronco 12" Screen

    Nice... can’t wait to see the 360 trail view.
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    2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    This is perfect... I’m trading my F-150 in for the Bronco next Spring. It’s nice to see a comparison so I know how much space I’m going to get back in my driveway... so much room for activities!
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    Special Offer to DAV/DAVA Members: $1,000 Bonus Cash + X-Plan Pricing

    🤷‍♂️ That’s why I shared plus I read that it didn’t matter as long as the offer was used at the time of factory order or delivery.