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  1. Fuel Economy For 2-Door, 2.3, Auto Sasquatch

    It's not so much the weight as it is the rolling resistance. There's also the fact that the sasquatch gearing is higher, and the vehicle is a few inches higher than a base. All these factors contribute to a drop in mpg
  2. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    I honestly I have zero issues with either. Different strokes for different folks
  3. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    4 door crew four life!
  4. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    These look great and with no drilling I'm sold as long as they're not insanely priced.
  5. Unfunctinable instrument cluster

    Since this thread hasn't completely died, can someone please update the title to dysfunctional? As alternative titles I'll also take: poor ergonomics of the instrument cluster and "I ate too much lead as a kid and now my brain is Unfunctinable".

    I should screenshot this. I want to have it ready for when someone inevitably brings up entitled millennials.
  7. 🚨 Any Black Friday or Holiday Deals? 🦃🎄🍗🎅🏼

    A lot of dealerships are having Bronco doorbuster deals! All you have to do is get the keys to the Bronco in the showroom and start driving.....
  8. Unscheduled Day 1 & 2 Reservations

    I'm 7/15. There are folks who didn't reserve until this year that have their broncos. This whole process is garbage
  9. Anyone replaced plastic bumper with modular?
  10. 2022 build date

    No hate, but this whole process is shit. If I was just shopping for a regular SUV, and not a specialized off road truck, I would have moved a long time ago.
  11. OEM vs. Aftermarket Roof Rails

    I'm curious about the OEM rails they're testing for the everglades version. The 110 pound limit is anemic
  12. To Undercoat or Not?

    I have a 12 year old Honda Fit with 140k miles and that's lived its whole life in Massachusetts. I've driven all over New England for snowboarding including behind salt trucks when they take up the whole highway. The only parts with major rust are on the rear quarter panels around the wheel wells