33" tires

  1. Will these tires work with Big Bend non-sas?

    Will these fit a Big Bend non-Sasquatch without removing the crash bars?
  2. Texas Sold: 33” BFG KO2 tires & 17” Bronco wheels (5) for sale —- $1,600

    Just got my Bronco and am selling the factory 33” BFGs and Bronco wheels. Driven only around 300 miles around Austin (street only) before I got my lift and new setup, so they are in perfect condition. Will ship at buyer’s expense. Happy to share additional photos…. Thanks for looking!
  3. Looking for badlands wheels and tires for my base

    Anyone going to do an immediate upgrade on wheels/tires on a badlands, let me know. I’ll buy your take offs.
  4. Sizing down to 33's with Sasquatch - what would be involved?

    I'm ordering a Badlands and am trying to make up my mind on whether to get the sasquatch package or not. Just not sure I want 35's, but would hate to get it with 33's and wish I went the other way after delivery. From what I've read there seems to be quite a bit of work to go from 33's to...
  5. 33” vs 35” tires (photos on Jeeps)

    I was wandering through a parking lot this morning and saw a Jeep with 285X70x17’s and wanted to snap some photos to show the wife. Took a couple more steps and noticed a Jeep right next to it with 35X12.5x18’s. Shared for all of those who are curious how the Badlands tires compare to the...
  6. Oahu, Hawaii - Ordering Update 7/24/2021

    Update 7/24/2021: Base 4dr, 2.7L; VIN: 1FMEE5BP4MLA67375Stock: MLA67375 to arrive at Honolulu Ford on or about 28 July 2021. I just called the dealer after seeing the Bronco listed on their website for new vehicles. Salesman said they have no information on it, not sure if it's for mannequin...