4 door bronco

  1. Took delivery of my Base Bronco

    My bronco finally made it to me! Granted I got very lucky and did not have to wait too long for it. I ordered a black 4 door base bronco with no mods so I could get it quicker. I already changed the black letters to white so you can really see bronco on the front and am planning on getting...
  2. Outer Banks + 4WP Level Kit + 295/70R18 (34.2x11.7) Nitto Ridge Grapplers on stock wheels

    I just installed the 4 Wheel Parts level lift kit (62210k) on a Carbonized Gray Outer Banks with 295/70R18 (34.2x11.7) Nitto Ridge Grapplers using the stock wheels. I knew the fitment would be tight but it worked out well with zero rubbing. I’ve also tinted the front windshield and 2 front...
  3. Caught this 4 door Outer Banks in Whitby Ontario tonight!

    Caught this 4 door on a transport trailer resting in a large parking lot off the 401 in Whitby, Ontario Canada tonight!
  4. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    So this morning I went the nearest ford dealership and test drove both the Ranger 2.3 with lift kit and 35s and F150 2.7 Ranger 2.3 (lift and 35s) - so there is already a thread on this but I will state it again. The 2.3 is no slouch, when you want it to go it will go at a relatively quick...
  5. Suicide doors?

    There is not much of a market for a 2 door suv. Ford has to go with 4. It's a pain to load my child's seat. I like the first 2 door renderings. I think that plus rear suicide door would be ideal for the removable top and not a long wheel base