1. OJ_Loose

    Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    I ordered a Badlands 2 door without the Sasquatch package. I wanted it but did not feel like waiting (ordered a manual) and realized there were different wheels and tires I wanted more in the aftermarket. Anyone in the same boat here? Not too sure what I might do with suspension, wheels and...
  2. Photos of 4 door White Badlands with SAS?

    Been looking around the forums for some pics but I’m trying to make the decision between getting SAS and the 33’s. Certainly don’t need the SAS but you can’t beat the look
  3. Philly

    Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    Hi everyone, just saw this bad boy parked at Don's of Traverse City in Novi this morning and grabbed a couple pictures! Sorry I couldn't get more or better detail. The engineer was in it and I am working with one arm at the moment (just had shoulder surgery). I also wasn't driving and my driver...
  4. askdes

    No 2 Door Broncos for 2021?

    *UPDATE* A Twitter convo with a Ford Rep we all know assures me this is Incorrect information and that while they will be limited and/or late availability, Ford is planning on making 2 Door Broncos MY'21. He also stated that the team will be reaching out to the Dealer as well. So today I...
  5. Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    The day is finally here, it’s time to submit my order with my dealer. The only problem is that after months of weighing the options I have 90% of my build figured out but am still unsure on whether to squatch the Badlands or not. I realistically only need the 33s based on my expected amount of...
  6. I think I got the first delivery!!! Christmas Miracle!

    The 2” lift on this is pretty sweet! Basquatch for the win! sorry I couldn’t find a local Jeep to do a side by side comparison. The interior does seem to feature a lot of plastic... /s Merry Christmas! - a long term lurker and (hopefully) future owner of a 4d Badlands!
  7. ThatGuyatFord

    2021 Bronco Sport Badlands Walkaround

    Hi everyone! New to starting threads but thought I would give this a shot. My name is Connor, aka ThatGuyatFord on socials, and I am a the Bronco Specialist here at Kitchener Ford in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! We received our first 2021 Bronco Sport this past Monday here at the Dealership. I...
  8. Ourbroncolife

    Bronco Sport Badlands Tour - Badlands Package

    Had a chance to spend the weekend with the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands trim and was very impressed overall. Small on outside but very spacious on the inside.
  9. 618TRVLWILD

    9 NEW Broncos @ factory by Ford Stig! Bronco-palooza ???

    The "Ford Stig", did a little drive by at the end of this week's building period. Here the pics stig was able to get!! 9 different rigs in total! Shadow Black Black Diamond 4-Door w/ steel wheels & unpainted top Cactus Gray Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door OG wheels...
  10. Philly

    More 2-Door Bronco Badlands in Cyber Orange (With Measurements)

    I drove down to Allen Park this morning to check out what was left out this weekend. I drove the entire lot and the only Bronco left out was the Cyber Orange Badlands. I was not disappointed! Cyber Orange is so much better than I could have possibly hoped for. It is a bit yellow, but I don't...
  11. elnorte

    Is Badlands Non-Squatch 17" Wheel Beaded

    I did a quick search in the forums and did not see this topic. If it has been discussed already please post the thread link. Long story short, I had the get new tires for my wife's Durango today and started talking to the tire store employee. I specifically asked if they service beaded...
  12. BeerForMyHorses

    Badlands stock wheels growing on me

    Since Ford isn't offering a middle option for manual transmission (no mid package on BB/BD with MT), I've been considering either basemansquatch or Badlands. Trying to keep price of Badlands down because it's already stretching my budget. I love the upgraded wheels, but for $1000 I'm second...
  13. Help! Daily Driver w/ Family: OB vs BL w/ MT

    I'm between a 4dr OB and BL. We are buying a Bronco as a fun 2nd car for the family. A truck we can take the roof and doors off in summertime. We live in CT and won't do any off-roading (aside from driving on the beach a few times per summer). Originally I reserved an OB - as the trim...
  14. PrevCYBRTRKrez

    Video convinced me on MIC Top (Velocity Blue)

    While trying to find Velocity Blue content, I stumbled across this Raiti's Rides video review of a Velocity Blue Raptor. Then it hit me, Ford did the mix of grays and black on the raptor too. The grill and bumpers on this raptor are all gray! Watching this video convinced me that my Badlands...
  15. Brad Pitt

    Warn Winch Blocks Trail Cam on Badlands Overland Demo?

    Went to the Moab 4X4 expo a few weeks ago and saw the Badlands Overland build demo up close and in person. I noticed that the Warn winch clearly impeded the field of sight of the front-facing trail cam. I didn’t see a camera perspective on the screen inside the vehicle, but I don’t know how it...
  16. GeneralBoisvert

    Interior options are ruining my decision

    Anyone else going through this? Initially I considered an OBX since primarily this will be a city baby. But I honestly couldn’t get passed the interior color. So I moved to the next logical thing: Badlands. But it came so close to a WildTrak that it might make sense to go for the WildTrak. I...
  17. Gpscharron

    Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    Dear Bronco “Badlands“ Community, If you are anything like me, you are extremely excited to finally be at peace that you will soon be a “Badlands” Bronco owner! No more back and forth with Trims. This Thread is not for people that are mad at “FORD” for everything that does not go to plan. NO...
  18. Edelfin

    Spotted: Cyber Orange 2 Door Badlands w/ MIC Hardtop

    From Michael DiCenzo on Facebook:
  19. Badlands Bronco Thread

    Yep, First on the Badlands. I have a Rubicon now, this suppose to be the Rubicon fighter.
  20. BdubBronco

    Maintenance 101 (A Dummies Guide for Bronco Ownership)

    Torn between Black Diamond VS BD Squatched VS Badlands. I want that B.A. look and tough interior. I’ll eventually make into the woods after the honeymoon phase. The effort and costs associated with off-road goodies is one factor I’m considering in my choice. I’m one of those guys that pays...