bronco plugin hybrid

  1. Anyone else checking out the new Jeep vehicles?

    Just announced: - 4xE electric plug in hybrids for Renegade & Compass - 4xE Wrangler with quiet engine, good torque, and 50mpge! - Grand Wagoneer ($60k-100k, I wanna see that version of the Bronco) I'm still sold on Bronco, but I'm thinking about waiting for that Hybrid now! Tax Rebates & gas...
  2. Bronco Hybrid PHEV May Get Same 2.3L Engine as Next Gen Ranger Rumored at 360 HP and 500 LB-FT?

    It has been a rumor that ford was working on a 4 cylinder hybrid for the Australia Ford Everest and Ranger. And it sounds like they will be getting a 2.3L in-line 4 turbo ecoboost engine making a combined 360hp and 500lbft. If it’s the same ecoboost that’s in the ranger now (270hp 310lbft) that...