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  1. Levine Confirms Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price

    Please see Mike Levine's Twitter Post. So it is not actually that Green, but is more Gray. Pretty big difference there! Real life photos confirm this, but I wonder how many people have ordered the color thinking it is a shade of Green?
  2. Seat Options

    After randomly checking out the B&P for the 10000th time I noticed Ford updated the seats! Brown Leather seats are now 10 way power to match the Navy Pier Blue and Grey., they were only showing manual for this color before but had the same 2,195 Price tag
  3. Will we be able to watch our Broncos being built at Michigan assembly plant?

    So do you think Ford will set up a program to where you might be able to watch your Bronco being built? Similar to the way GM does with the corvette. I live in southeast Michigan so it would be cool to be able to visit the plant the day my Bronco gets built. What do you guys think?
  4. Cant spec 4 door with SAS and Roof rails, why?

    Any guesses why this is the case?
  5. What is the standard engine and transmission that comes with the Sasquatch Package?

    I started configuring my 2021 Bronco this morning and noticed when I click to add the sasquatch package it says the 2.3L EcoBoost and 10-speed automatic transmission is included! From the research I have done I haven't seen the option for that configuration that it is one or the other the 2.3L...
  6. First Edition Buyers! What color are you choosing?

    I'm just curious what color First Edition buyers will choose. I'm kind of surprised to see that we are limited on our choices. I like the Area 51 and the Lightning Blue but I may have chosen white or black if I had the choice; Kind of a bummer. Decisions, decisions.
  7. Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    For those of us on the fence about what Bronco we will end up with - could be because of costs, color, wants/needs - and with B&P’s (apparent) Friday launch, I thought it would be interesting to see how your builds change from today, pre-B&P to Friday with B&P and even your final order. Maybe we...
  8. Bronco Build & Price date

    Just for fun see who can guess the right day
  9. Bored? Tired? Over it? Interest waning?

    Hey all. Just curious, with all of the info bright and early (not as early as some, @North7 et al), has the "fun" and "frivolity" kind of died for you because there is only speculation right now? Obviously it has a bit for me. Curious if anyone else is afflicted.
  10. Interesting Thought on Release, B&P, and Launch/Production

    So while I was showering this morning I started thinking about how Ford has executed the release of the Bronco and came to an interesting thought. Maybe everything that has been going on has been an intentional marketing and launch strategy, much to our dismay. The more and more I thought about...
  11. What will you first do after delivery?

    If I'm still alive to see this model and be able to afford a nicely equipped 2 door, I will find a nice grassy hill with a steep incline and have some fun. And you?
  12. Build & Price Configurator for 2021 Bronco Goes Live in August

    Online Build feature goes live in August. This is straight from the top of Marketing and was told to us during our conference call this week.