cactus gray

  1. Sighting: 2dr Cactus Grey Sasquatch w/ Fastback Top

    Spotted this 2dr in Allen Park . Ive been seeing a least one on the road a day around here in the downriver area . Little perk of living in this area.
  2. Levine Confirms Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price

    Please see Mike Levine's Twitter Post. So it is not actually that Green, but is more Gray. Pretty big difference there! Real life photos confirm this, but I wonder how many people have ordered the color thinking it is a shade of Green?
  3. #258 Cactus Gray Sasquatch Outer Banks 4 door on a frosty morning ?

    On a frosty Michigan morning... cool shades of Cactus Gray... smell of Sasquatch coming up in the air!! Bronco spotting Stig style ..
  4. Another Area 51 vs. Cactus Grey Thread (Bronco SPORT)

    Dropped by Scarff Ford in Kent, WA on a cloudy, rainy day to check out their 3 Bronco Sports on the lot to see these colors in-person. Area 51 was nice and yes, IMO Cactus Grey does have the slightest hint of green to it - hope this helps some of you make your decision a little easier!
  5. Area 51 and Cactus Gray in Seattle Sunshine

    I've been wanting to see my top color picks (Antimatter Blue and Area 51) in person and figured that since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it'd be best to see them on a gray, rainy day. Unfortunately, the local dealer didn't have any AMB vehicles despite Ford's inventory tool saying on was in...
  6. Cactus Gray Bronco Sport in Full Sun

    I drove to my local dealer on Thursday to check out Area 51 in the sun, and they added a Cactus Gray Bronco Sport to their lot! It's a really unique color and looked very gray with a slight blue tint at first glance, and then purely gray in some light, and then when I got a bit closer it lit up...
  7. Another Bronco Sport in Cactus Gray

    Been waiting to see my first choice color, Cactus Gray, in person and finally did today at a local dealership. CG remains my favorite color and looks even better in person than in photos! It tends to look lighter in photos than it appears in person with direct sunlight also making it look...
  8. Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    I believe it’s a Cactus Gray Black Diamond with upgraded wheels and soft top.
  9. ONLY FOR FE RESERVATION HOLDERS-> What configuration of the First Edition Bronco are you getting?

    Ideally I would like only FE reservation holders to respond to the POLL. All other forum members are of course welcome to post on the thread with their opinions. Thanks for your feedback! Now that we have confirmation that Black interior and Navy Pier interior are going to options on the First...
  10. Reservation deadline

    Hello all. My wife has given me the clear to make a second reservation. (The first one will be her dd) I still have a bit left to pay off on my current vehicle so I want to put my reservation in around the deadline to give myself enough time. Anyone know when the deadline is? Thanks.
  11. All (almost) Real Images of All Paint Colors - WIP

    Trying to collect some of the better "paint samples" images in one place. If You'd like to help feel free to grab a list and post. Ideally its just the Attachment ID - ie: would be 48630 and group them by color. I'd like to...
  12. Cactus Gray Deep Dive Color Analysis and Comparison

    Just because I cannot leave well enough alone, I bought the touchup paint for Jet Fighter Gray and applied it to test samples today. In the case of Cactus Gray (CG), there is just not 'well enough' information available. Long post, sorry. Lots of photos. The Spray Can and Source (...
  13. 2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    UPDATE: Added a fun little camo wrap to the last image haha. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share some amateur color renderings of the 2-door BadSquatch that I made for fun. I figure these will help me visualize colors before the builder/pricing comes out. I tried to get them pretty close to...
  14. Comparison: Cactus Gray vs. Toyota Cement Gray

    OK - for those who have actually seen the Cactus Gray Bronco in person, what is your take on the color vs. Toyota's Cement Gray? Personally, the Toyota Cement Gray is by far my favorite color of any current vehicle and a perfect "not too light/dark/blue/green/etc." flat gray. Interested to...