1. Big Bend 👣 Middleton Motorsports Sasquatch Conversion 👣 | Painted Grill, Analog HD Wheels, 2" Lift

    @fifteen52 Analog HD wheels @Ford Rock rails Sasquatch fender flairs Rough Country 2 inch lift kit Tow Hook Brackets 3rd brake light extension Middleton Sasquatch One stock 7 foot Sasquatch Painted Grill
  2. Zone 2" Lift with 35's (Falken Wildpeak) and Fuel Octanes on Big Bend Bronco

    After two months of having it bone stock, it was time to stuff some 35's under it! Specs and notes below! 2021 Bronco Big Bend 4 Dr Mid Pack 2" Zone Lift 35x12.50R18 Falken Wildpeak AT3W's 18x9 -12mm Offset Fuel Octanes Edit: YES THE CRASH BARS HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF NOW AND RUBBING IS GONE...
  3. Outer Banks with 4WP and Nitto goodies

    I just installed the 4 Wheel Parts level lift kit (62210k) on a Carbonized Gray Outer Banks with 295/70R18 (34.2x11.7) Nitto Ridge Grapplers using the stock wheels. I knew the fitment would be tight but it worked out well with zero rubbing. I’ve also tinted the front windshield and 2 front...