1. Heritage Build - After & Before

  2. Florida Painted Mirror Cap - Drivers Side Only - $150 Plus Shipping

    Bought a pair from Big Fn Truck Shop in Florida to replace the passenger side I banged up. Sold my truck and have the driver side still available. Never installed and only taken out of packing for pictures. $150 plus shipping.
  3. Modular Painted Hardtop - Is it still happening in 2023?

    Does anyone think that the Modular Painted Hardtop is still going to happen for 2023? I search the thread almost daily looking to see if anyone has posted any sort of update, but I haven't seen anything related to the mod top in a long time. Anyone else have any insider info they want to share? Lol.
  4. Modular (Mod) Painted Hard Tops and Matching Body Colors

    Now that I’m not in a blinding rage over the Modular Painted Tops being moved to 2022 (I’m still salty about it though), I re-read the 2022 Announcement and noticed the sub-bullet points. Under “Black modular painted roof” the sub-bullet says “Contrasting to body color”. Do you guys read that...