1. Lethal Performance's Bronco Raptor - First Mods

    Hey guys, as you'd expect with any of our shop vehicle, we plan on modifying our new BRaptor. I can't emphasize enough how awesome this truck is in stock form, but, as with anything, there are little things that definitely cannot hurt with a little modification. We plan on going rather extreme...
  2. Bronco Raptor Sends it in the Snow **Jump Video**

    Bronco Raptor Sends it in the snow **Jump Video**
  3. Illinois Raptor headlights for sale!

    I have a set of bronco raptor headlights for sale. From my understanding these are pre production raptor “warthog” headlights. These are plug and play with any bronco and look awesome even compared to the signature headlights. Attached are pics installed on my bronco for reference. I had a ton...
  4. Build My (LEGO) Brick Bronco

    Hi there, Many of you would have seen the Lego model Broncos in the media around the time of the real Bronco launch. I have subsequently developed plans so that people can build their own versions. I have developed plans that cover most version of the Bronco 6G and Bronco Sport, in various...
  5. Nova Scotia Bronco Club

    Nova Scotia Bronco Club

    Hi, I'm located to Truro, Nova Scotia and keen to connect with other Bronco owners in the province
  6. Tracking / Shipping Process to CA?

    Hey all, can someone please explain the shipping process from the plant to California. Currently my bronco is in Arlington TX. Been there for a week with no movement. Called UP and they said it was “unloaded” followed by an “interchange recipe” this am at 11. Anyone have some more insight...
  7. Bronco Raptor Takes On Tigerton, WI OHV Park **Video**

    Follow us on instagram: @MiddletonMotorsports_4x4 Youtube: MiddletonMotorsports
  8. ARB Twin compressor (Bronco Raptor)?

    Hello, I’m looking for a solution to mount the ARB twin compressor to the Bronco Raptor, prefer it to be located outside the cab under the hood or chassis. Is there any mounting bracket’s available at this time?
  9. Virginia Sold: Bronco Raptor for Sale

    New Bronco Raptor, under 100 miles Key less entry interior carbon fiber pack leahter -trim/suede seats LUX Package $125,000 located in VA
  10. Black Bronco Raptor on Bring A Trailer auction site

    I thought you might be interested in watching the auction on Bring-A-Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2022-ford-bronco-raptor-5/ No Reserve. Enjoy!
  11. Raptor up for auction on Cars & Bids

    I cannot believe I found a Bronco Raptor up for auction and has not a single person bid on it already! I cannot imagine what the starting bid will be but there has been no action so far! I am not associate with this what so ever, but I figured I would post it here so y'all can see what...
  12. Bronco Raptor Finds Mud Straight From the Transport Truck!! **Video**

    From the driver & owner: VIDEO: PHOTOS:
  13. Ford Bronco Tube Door is compatible w/ Bronco Raptor

    I am not sure if any else has caught this but in the article the journalist states "It’s worth noting that tube doors are not offered at all on the high-performance 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor.". That statement and subsequent link in that statement are incorrect. The original Ford Authority article...

    I just spoke with a team lead at Bronco Suppport located in Orlando, Florida. I am in a unique situation and made a case for myself to be put through to someone who could give me the straight truth. Essentially I was told that if you received the email yesterday it was to prepare you for...

    Isn’t she beautiful?!
  16. Bronco Raptor Rips it’s rear wheel well flare clean off

    A Bronco Raptor spotted with Michigan manufacturer plate in Dillon, Colorado. Looks like some heavy duty offroad testing.
  17. Pre-production Bronco Raptor "Warthog" headlights installed on my base Bronco!

    Recently with a little legwork and some help from a fellow b6g member @CtSASBronco I was able to track down a pair of pre-production “warthog” aka raptor headlights. They were plug and play like I assumed since we know the signature lights worked with any trim bronco. I really like the look of...
  18. Best Rock Crawling IFS Suspension in development for Bronco 21+???

    After watching and speaking with Marlin Crawler a couple of times, I did get confirmation that they have a Bronco in their possession when I offered up mine and that it was on their to-do list without an ETA. Today the communication was "I cannot confirm". Seriously this suspension upgrade path...
  19. Best Raptor Color given Interior Accents

    Given the bright orange accents inside, what exterior color do you think is the best combo? Comment in thread on worst (Velocity Blue) :P