1. Bronco Wildtrak VS F150 Raptor Comparison with Photos

    Finally had the opportunity to drive a Wildtrak today and overall I would say it was a great experience. A few things that raised concern for me. My daily driver is a 2017 Raptor so this Bronco will be for my fiancé. The Bronco seems like a great vehicle for our lifestyle and we will be moving...
  2. "Bronco Raptor" may be production name for "Warthog" model

    per article in today’s Ford Authority: https://fordauthority.com/2021/05/ford-bronco-warthog-might-launch-under-different-name-exclusive/ Sources familiar with the matter have told us that Ford’s current leadership favors powerful, well-recognized names over new names that would need to...
  3. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    So this morning I went the nearest ford dealership and test drove both the Ranger 2.3 with lift kit and 35s and F150 2.7 Ranger 2.3 (lift and 35s) - so there is already a thread on this but I will state it again. The 2.3 is no slouch, when you want it to go it will go at a relatively quick...
  4. 2020 Bronco Raptor renders

    RT just posted these artist renders of what a 2020 Bronco SVT Raptor could look like. What do you guys think? I like it but feel the Bronco should have its own unique front end styling.