1. Wildtrak 2dr Race Red with Gold Rims

    I thought I would share this here, just in case anyone was thinking of doing this and needed a visualization.
  2. Bronco Wildtrak VS F150 Raptor Comparison with Photos

    Finally had the opportunity to drive a Wildtrak today and overall I would say it was a great experience. A few things that raised concern for me. My daily driver is a 2017 Raptor so this Bronco will be for my fiancé. The Bronco seems like a great vehicle for our lifestyle and we will be moving...
  3. Base v. Badlands v. Wildtrack (Village Ford Direct Comparison Coming)

    I will be going to Village Ford tomorrow to directly size up my Base 2-Door manual v. a Wildtrak 4-Door 2.7L Automatic with Sasquatch and v. a Badlands 4-Door 2.3L Manual. This video shows the specs of each of the vehicles that I will be reviewing including the prices. NOTE: the actual window...
  4. Cyber Orange WildTrak Drive

    My chosen dealer Bowen-Scarff finally got a mannequin in for drives for order holders. I signed up this weekend for the first slot I could fit into and got to drive a Wildtrak today. First off, I was really worried about Sasquatch having a negative impact on handling, but it was fine. The truck...
  5. Bronco

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  6. Exclusive Bronco Green-light collectibles ! Wildtrak & Badlands

    Exclusive Bronco Green-light collectibles !
  7. 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak 4-Door Window Sticker (With MPG Ratings)

    So, a Bronco showed up in the inventory system at my job. After doing some digging, I was able to find the Window Sticker, which includes the MPG Ratings. This one is most likely one of our FCTP Demos…shows up in the system as “In Transit”
  8. 📸: MAP Display Showing Bronco 4-Door Shadow Black Wildtrak

    📸: Ted Kapsch on Bronco B.A.B.E.S FB Group MIC looks good with the SB.
  9. Tube steps on the Wildtrack

    Hello im new here tried to search on the topic around the forum but didnt find any about it, im placing my order for the wildtrak in a couple of days but sadly my ford dealer is one of the worst to be honest you cant customize your bronco you just have to take their Wildtrak the way it is...
  10. [PICS] Outer Banks Roast vs Wiltrak Sandstone Leather (can’t find pics!!)

    I’m torn between choosing Outer Banks or Wildtrak but I’m finding it nearly impossible to find any good photos of the leather interior for either. If you have any photos of the OB Roast or Wildtrak Sandstone leather interiors, please post! I attached the ones I found.
  11. Anyone changing from Wildtrak to Badlands

    After seeing many badlands I am now leaning towards changing from wildtrak to badlands
  12. Will We Ever See a Carbonized Gray Pre-Production ?

    Anyone else looking at choosing this color
  13. WildTrak

    Don't really here much about the Wildtrak model but who is getting that model and who would have any info?
  14. Antimatter Blue Thread

    Looked around and didn't see a thread for Antimatter Blue. So let's get one started. My original '73 was dark blue, so naturally I'm giving this color a serious look. Have not seen many photos of it yet, but the one Ford put on the Bronco homepage is pretty awesome. Looks like a 4-door WildTrak...
  15. Pics: Black Bronco Wildtrak (w/ Sasquatch Package) in Public Parking Lot

    Even in rough preproduction form, look at the presence the Bronco has in a public parking lot! She's a Ford employee and she's 5'7" in height. A few more.