New Bronco Will Be Body-On-Frame

Following Ford’s confirmation yesterday that the Ford Bronco will be built in 2020, executive chairman Bill Ford told a group of media including Bronco6G, that the 2020/2021 Ford Bronco will offer a true body on frame construction (Note: F-150 Frame Pictured Above).

This is great news for Bronco fans hoping for a rugged off-road SUV since the next generation Bronco will need to be modification-friendly and broad aftermarket support to be successful. The body on frame is a big step in that direction as it provides for easier modifications for body lifts and long-arm suspension setups.

No word yet on whether the Bronco will have solid front axles or an independent front suspension, but this confirmation should provide reassurance that Ford plans to give the Bronco serious off-road chops and could have its sights aimed directly at the Jeep Wrangler.

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