Bronco Maverick Name Confirmed in Ford Parts System?

We’ve had many whispers that the “Baby Bronco” as it has become commonly known, for lack of a real name, will be called the Bronco Maverick — but we may now have our first tangible evidence that it’s true.

Last year, inside sources told us that the CX430 Bronco has an internal name of “Maverick” and that CAD models of the front-wheel drive SUV showed a Maverick badge on the right side of the hatch.

This latest leak was discovered by a Bronco6G member who was searching for key part numbers and discovered several Ford part numbers for Maverick, which is listed as a 2020 model year vehicle.

With the reveal of the Maverick Bronco taking place in mere months, and production set to begin in August 2020, the name is surely set in stone by now.

Let us know what you think of this latest Maverick Bronco leak inside.