Ford Patents Light Weight Removable Body Door System with Built-In Tube Doors for 2021 Ford Bronco

We’ve known that the 2021 Ford Bronco will have removable doors, but a Ford patent shows us just how innovative the design will be.

Bronco6G user Topnotch discovered this Ford patent, filed today, which shows a “light weight removable body door system” that includes an “outer door subassembly” which can be attached and detached from a “gate subassembly” via a quick connect mechanism.

In less technical terms, the patent drawings show a removable outer door assembly which can be detached to reveal built-in tube doors, which is a brilliant solution to off-roaders seeking the open air experience (while keeping their doors away from damage) on the fly.

Have a look at the 2021 Bronco removable door system with internal tube doors inside.