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This week's article: LET'S ROCK!

Some of you may want to test your Bronco, and your driver skills, in rock crawling. Although our area can not give you the Means Dry Lake Bed experience, home of King of the Hammers, there is an area for you to test metal on stone in PA. Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Pine Grove, PA offers 3000 acres of off-road trails, including rock crawling areas. From their website:

"Rausch Creek Off-Road Park is devoted to providing a fun, legal place for off-road enthusiasts to go four-wheeling with their 4wd Jeep, truck, or SUV. The park consists of 3,000 acres of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails - featuring rocks, bowls, hills, club-friendly trails, and primitive camping."

They also have areas for other off-road experiences, including water forging and mud pits for those U-Boat Commanders in our group.

You must join the club, $20, to use the park PLUS pay a $53 per day use fee for the driver and $12 per passenger. You also must ride in herds of at least two vehicles, so bring a friend!

Remember, a scratched rock rail is a happy rock rail!

Maybe another good place for the club to gather!




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looks a little extreme for a production bronco but i was just going to post something similar. Are there any other "parks" or "overlanding" destinations that would be good for a production bronco in the area?


nevermind the gallery at the website makes it clear it has production car routes. Dunno why you posted the pictures from the extreme custom rig areas
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@beachman101 Sorry to disappoint. I am trying to post articles with different experiences Bronco owners may want to try, including those with older Broncos.
I used to go there a lot. They have green trails for a mild experience up to RED for pro buggies. A new locked Bronco would have a good time on Blue trails. That's one step up from Green. Stay off of the Black unless you have 35's and two lockers.

This is a Black trail. Expect damage...

Snow Run 2.jpg
I'll be there this Saturday in the Pajero! Was going to take the ZJ for one final trip (along with two other friends with ZJs) but it's broken down on me again so it's going on a flatbed to Disabled American Veterans tomorrow haha.

@beachman101 yeah it has everything from dirt roads with light water crossing to nuts rocks and very, very deep water. The super rough stuff makes for cooler pictures.

The Pajero can do all of the green trails and so far every blue trail I've taken it on. I'd expect that a 2 door Badsquatch could do most of the blues and maybe some of the blacks if you don't mind a beating.
This is only an hour away from me! It's absolutely beautiful Appalachia country down there ('up' for you Marylanders).

Also @beachman101, as someone else stated, they have easy trails there. If I had a 4x4 beater with some aftermarket juice, I'd do the tougher trails...but frankly, I don't want paint scratches on my beautiful Cyber Orange paint-job (at least while I'm financing it). It's good for people that want to get out in nature and put your vehicle through some paces, without the danger of rolling or submerging your rig :D

Also, the abandoned mining town of Centralia (with the underground coal burning fire) is relatively close by for a little creepy adventure.

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