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This Week's Article: Places to Explore in Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state, measuring only 96 miles (North to South), and only 35 miles across at its widest point. That means that DE does not have as much area as the surrounding states so off-roading opportunities are equally limited. With nearly a million people living in DE, and likely many offroad vehicles, those areas that are available are going to be crowded. On a positive note, Delaware may have more Broncos eventually per square mile of state so maybe beyond their claim to being the First State, they may be able to claim to be a Bronco State!

Many offroading blogs talk about and recommend the C&D Canal Trails in Northern DE. The Canals there are clay and gravel roads, but at last look off-road vehicle traffic is prohibited and a little investigation by this author found police blogs where they had conducted targeted enforcement actions. Just a friendly reminder, illegal activity is not condoned and we don't want Bronco owners getting a reputation for lawlessness, not being good stewards of our planet, or not being respectful to the environment. Our advice is to check with local law enforcement, obey all posted signs, and only go where it is legal.

After some research, it appears that offroading in the state, county, and municipal parks is not allowed anywhere in Delaware, meaning there is no off-roading on public land in Delaware (There is a seashore fishing exception that will be discussed later in the article). If a reader is aware of public places allowing offroading in Delaware, let the author know and I will update the article.

So now that we have discussed where you can't go, you might be wondering, is there anywhere to go in the state? Well yes, but they are very far and few between. Again, if any reader has identified other places they recommend, please let the author know!

MuddyNutz Play Ground

MuddyNutz (meaning Muddy LUG Nuts) is a small offroad park located in Dover. Offering more than just mud, they also have trails and obstacles to test your skills. Although their web presence is minimal, they do have a business website on Facebook at:

Under current conditions, their hours vary so it makes sense to call them before driving there. They can be contacted at (302) 465-3611 or you can message them on Facebook.


Cape Henlopen, Fenwick Island, and Delaware Seashore State Park

Delaware State Parks limits sand-bound vehicles to park for surf fishing purposes only. That means anyone parking on a Delaware State Park beach needs to be "actively engaged" in fishing and must have a valid surf fishing vehicle permit.

Bronco owners can purchase the permit online, at any park office, at the Parks Central Office in Dover, and at a handful of retailers throughout the state. Annual permit prices range from $70 to $160.

Recreational beach driving beyond designated areas for surf fishing is not allowed. Channel your inner elementary school days because single-file parking is required on these beaches in an effort to limit high occupancy. A guide for taking your Bronco into the sand can be found at:

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