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Hello one and all! Sorry I have been unusually quiet but here at the rcbickle homestead, it has been a busy December and January and my day job has kept me BUSY!

Excuses aside, today is Bronco-Order-Eve! I would like to encourage all members that are ordering new Broncos to post their order conversions and discuss what they finally decided. Also, make sure you give a shoutout to your dealer, especially if they have gone the extra mile and made the order experience a positive one! We have had some great dealer support (@NayNay , @StephensAutoCenter , @Granger Ford are three examples!) to date and I am sure the dealers would not mind a "thank you" from us!
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I was soooo set on my 2.7 BD Mid build for like 2 months and now that it's imminent I am second guessing even the trim (BL High?). I'll probably just end up with the build I've been comfortable with for months, but I just don't want regrets.
Badlands is a nice trim level. I think you will be happy with the capability, The features set is harder. I personally think it comes down to if you will do much commuting in the Bronco. The adaptive cruise control and lane steering are a must-haves if you plan on dealing with traffic. In my street-car, it reduces my workload a lot!
Will be ordering a Base with 2.3 automatic with @NayNay . Figure I can add the white top later and am happy with Velocity Blue. My Escape has over 227,500 miles and, hopefully, will last until the Bronco is delivered.
My Order with @NayNay

Badlands, 2dr.
Cactus Grey
Luxury Package
Sasquatch Package
Pod Lights
Paint Protection Film
Mesh Bimini top
@lowmpg I'm back and forth on the Pod lights, looking at Rigid ones on amazon has a lot of different types of pod light (flood, spot, diffused) and I'm not sure what the B&P ones are. What made you decide to get them?
@mcalpal I've had tons of lights and lightbars. Rigid makes a solid setup and more importantly, wiring through the body and into the cowl to attach lights would be horrific. The AUX wires will most likely be in the drivers foot well, so you'll need to run wiring to both sides of the truck (no thanks). Most quality Rigid pods are in the hundreds of dollars, so the price isn't absurd and if I choose to go with another light later, the wiring is done.
I decided to bow out on the Bronco (for now) for financial reasons but I had better see yous guys at Rausch! The Pajero will have gotten a little love by this Fall so it should be a fun.
I went with the four door badlands manual with the dual tops and lux package. I ordered yesterday with Bob Bell in Glen Burnie and they were great!!

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