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  1. Massive 2 door MANUAL Badlands on 37s.. I need this lol...

    I went out to grab some new work boots last night and decided to drive through our local Ford dealer lot... Man was I not disappointed... They easily had 10 Broncos on the lot with these ones lined up nice and pretty, this dealer isn't selling trucks or Broncos without adding at least 10k in...
  2. Bronco Team 2 door.

    My local Ford Dealer actually had a few 2 doors kicking around on the lot, all with at least $10K in dealer added accessories. This bad ass 2 door was hiding on the end, it's a MANUAL Badlands sitting on 37s and kick ass KMC wheels. Thing was HUUUUUGE lol.
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Where Are you located? I'm 40 min from Ottawa and I can get a set through my work but theres very low stock. also about 150 a wheel plus tax. :(
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    @ChazzMichaelMichaels I'm in woodstock till I move on the 30th. Would kill to see one in person before then haha. I will drive to meet up lol
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Whoever gets theirs first we will have a community pot to pay for the fuel for test rides hahaha
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Dang it why cant it be closer! Determining if a 90 min drive is worth it haha
  7. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    Its amazing how much room there is inside the bronco sport. It's actually the most comfortable little suv for a guy of my size and the seats have to be some of the comfiest I've sat on. Personally I think ford did a great job on the sport and if I had to have a small suv I wouldn't hesitate to...
  8. Badlands 2.3L Manual

    This right here iswhat I've been worried about. I just got to drive a manual JL for the first time a few weeks ago and HATED the clutch. Like what were they thinking to make it so light and lifeless. I wish it had more feeling like the JK manual, I never had an issue finding the engagement point...
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    I know the feeling... a 392 wrangler is tempting me soooo badly but I know the bronco will be worth the wait.
  10. Riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr in 2.7L Badlands Sasquatch in Moab FULL SEND

    Thank you sir! You are my Hero haha. :)
  11. Riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr in 2.7L Badlands Sasquatch in Moab FULL SEND

    I need a nice big pic of this rig lol. its almost exactly how i want to order mine :)
  12. Your Favorite Bronco Pic?

    I need the top one as big as i can get it. i want it for a computer wallpaper and to print it off for my wall ahah
  13. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    I need all the images of this! This is exactly how I want mine colour and everything minus the tent. If someone could get me normal images of this thing it would be awesome and I would love you forever haha.
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Hey guys! Sorry I have been out of the loop for a while, life kinda kicked me hard the last couple months but I am back in it. I had to cancel my reservation but will be getting one after all you lovely people have yours ahha. Nice to see this group finally growing! We have a FB Group that I...