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    Ontario Bronco Club

    @ChazzMichaelMichaels I'm in woodstock till I move on the 30th. Would kill to see one in person before then haha. I will drive to meet up lol
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Whoever gets theirs first we will have a community pot to pay for the fuel for test rides hahaha
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Dang it why cant it be closer! Determining if a 90 min drive is worth it haha
  4. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    Its amazing how much room there is inside the bronco sport. It's actually the most comfortable little suv for a guy of my size and the seats have to be some of the comfiest I've sat on. Personally I think ford did a great job on the sport and if I had to have a small suv I wouldn't hesitate to...
  5. Badlands 2.3L Manual

    This right here iswhat I've been worried about. I just got to drive a manual JL for the first time a few weeks ago and HATED the clutch. Like what were they thinking to make it so light and lifeless. I wish it had more feeling like the JK manual, I never had an issue finding the engagement point...
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    I know the feeling... a 392 wrangler is tempting me soooo badly but I know the bronco will be worth the wait.
  7. Riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr in 2.7L Badlands Sasquatch in Moab FULL SEND

    Thank you sir! You are my Hero haha. :)
  8. Riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr in 2.7L Badlands Sasquatch in Moab FULL SEND

    I need a nice big pic of this rig lol. its almost exactly how i want to order mine :)
  9. Your Favorite Bronco Pic?

    I need the top one as big as i can get it. i want it for a computer wallpaper and to print it off for my wall ahah
  10. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    I need all the images of this! This is exactly how I want mine colour and everything minus the tent. If someone could get me normal images of this thing it would be awesome and I would love you forever haha.
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    Hey guys! Sorry I have been out of the loop for a while, life kinda kicked me hard the last couple months but I am back in it. I had to cancel my reservation but will be getting one after all you lovely people have yours ahha. Nice to see this group finally growing! We have a FB Group that I...
  12. Where is B+P for (Canada)

    Woo thats a lot of cheddar... the one I want is about 10k cheaper.
  13. Where is B+P for (Canada)

    I saw this and decided I dont need beadwork wheels and tires I would have switched anyways lol.
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    Ontario Bronco Club

    @bluezombi yeah I figured it out from another thread, thank you!