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  1. Airing up (after airing down for camping and offroading)?

    I use an ARB compressor. The wiring harness is installed in the engine compartment, and I plug the compressor into it when it's time to air back up. I have the smaller ARB CKMA12, which takes close to 2 minutes to air up a 32" A/T tire to 30 psi, the recommended pressure for my '19 Ranger. To go...
  2. Towing capacity??

    Leaf springs help. By the way, the Ranger's quite capable offraod, if that's one reason you're looking at a Bronco... and rumor has it that an Ecoboost V-6 is on its way.
  3. On-The-Fly Diff. Locker-Activation?

    I tried lock/unlocking at low speeds, in 2H, and it worked fine.
  4. Will the Bronco be your toy? if so share a picture of your daily driver

    2019 Ranger XLT FX4 w/2" Fox suspension. This is a 3-year lease, so I won't be getting my Bronco till 2022.
  5. Towing capacity??

    Ford, at least 5,000 lbs., please.
  6. Towing capacity??

    Even the 2.3L will have more than enough grunt for 3,500 lbs. up long grades; turbos make up for lower air density at high altitudes.
  7. Towing capacity??

    Class III hitches will be available soon at e-trailer, and if one could determine the FJ's spring rate in the back, as well as shock specs, I'd think that the Bronco could handle 5K lbs... Also, consider that Old Man Emu typically designs a full suspension system for popular off-roaders, for...
  8. How well will Bronco with Sasquatch drive and handle on the streets ?

    I have a '19 Ranger with an upgraded Ford Fox 2"-lift suspension, 32" hybrid A/T-M/T tires. Prior to the suspension upgrade, the FX4 suspension was too soft and squishy, like a Lincoln (!), but one could mall-crawl all-day long. Post upgrade, the suspension firmed up, and the new tires are a bit...
  9. Towing capacity??

    I read in the specs somewhere that there's an trailer anti-sway feature, like the Ranger; also, I think that there's a trailer-mode button in the middle of the G.O.A.T. dial; if this does what it does in the Ranger (adjusts shifting pattern/downhill engine-braking), I'd be happy, though a...
  10. On-The-Fly Diff. Locker-Activation?

    I guess that it's still too early in the process for Ford to get into the real nitty-gritty of things, but has anyone noticed if the Bronco's front/rear diff. locks can be activated on-the-fly? I currently own a 2019 Ranger with a rear diff. locker, and have to stop/shift to neutral before the...
  11. Type of tires you want

    I run a set of 265/70/17 Dick Cepek Trail Country EXPs on my 2019 Ranger, and have been very happy with them. This is DC's new A/T-M/T-hybrid tire that performs well on the street (relatively quiet) and has gotten me through snow, rock, and sand while offroading. I've had two previous sets of...
  12. At least 2 suspension setups coming for Bronco

    The electronic creature comforts (XLT and up) and offroad electronics (FX4) are a must off of the dealer lot, while one can flexibly upgrade the suspension with aftermarket parts. I'm very happy with my 2019 Ranger XLT FX4, and suspect that I'd be likewise with a similarly-trimmed Bronco, as...