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  1. Florida 4 Door Hard Top for sale or trade 2022 Wildtrak

    4 Door Hard Top for sale or trade 2022 Wildtrak Tampa, Florida
  2. NEW “Multi-Top” Roof Rack coming soon - Q&A + Input

    What’s up Bronchachos? I wanted to share exciting news that my company (RAKET) will be developing a new ROOF RACK for the Ford Bronco. THIS WILL BE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH EITHER TOP. We’ve filed the patent application and have started the R&D. We’ll keep the Forum updated along the way. That...
  3. Ford failing to provide needed data to aftermarket roof makers

    After falling victim to Webasto's short comings and failing to produce even close to enough hard tops, ford is now failing to provide the aftermarket with the data necessary to help quell these problems. Below is taken directly from a conversation with Patriot Fastbacks today 6/8/22 "We are...
  4. MIC 2.0 rear shell leaking🤦‍♂️

    My MIC 2.0 wildtrak has recently been subject to the wonderful South Florida daily rain and tropical storm which has defeated the hardtop. The first leak was coming from the driver side rear quarter window which was letting in water from the top. I actually noticed this because all the windows...
  5. Will my Bronco be a 2023 after all? When will they cut off 2022 production?

    I have consoled myself with a Jeep Wrangler so I can take the top down this summer! (it's a soft top) Hopefully Ford will be able to give updates sooner than later. And the shortages get better for all of us waiting... It's hard to stay patient. (and I know that I am pretty far down the line...
  6. Dynamat & dynaliner install under OEM hard top headliner

    First time posting here. I made a youtube video to document my experience. Took about 2 full weekend days. I'll probably continue with doing the doors, floor and tailgate just to see how quiet I can get the vehicle simply because I'm curious now.
  7. Georgia Soft Top —-> Hard Top Trade Interest

    All, I am just wondering if there would be any interest out there in trades for my new take-off factory soft top for their hard top? I know there are issues, frustrations, etc with the MIC tops. Wanted to test the waters.
  8. California For sale - 800 -Bestop Sunrider for 4 Dr

    Hey guys! I am selling the Bestop Sunrider top for 4 door hard tops. It is black twill not cloth. It is already assembled, I am located in Socal, specifically in Buena Park. Asking 800 local pick up only as it is very large to ship. It will have everything necessary for installation.
  9. Texas Swap Soft Top for Hard Top + $5k

    Just took delivery of a new 2021 Bronco with a soft top and I am looking to trade for a modular hard top + $5k. if interested, please text me at 214-529-1847. Located in DFW.
  10. California Near 400HP - 2021 Wildsquatch 2.7L

    2021 WildSquatch 2.7 Near 400HP - panda Lux,High Pack https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/347383377431226/
  11. MIC Hard Top OEM resale value??

    Curious if anyone has heard what people are selling the OEM hard top for? I have chance to buy a Badlands from a dealer but it has a hard top, I live in SoCal and I really want a soft top and would look to sell the hard top. Appreciate any guidance on what people have seen them resell for?
  12. Do MIC hard tops still have production problems?

    So is there still a production problem with the 4 door hard tops? Considering changing my order from a 2D to 4D because Ford has dang near abandoned the 2D. I also kind of need it quick (I know, long shot haha) so if the soft top gets it quicker then great but I would prefer the hard top! Any...
  13. Colorado Brand New Soft Top for MIC Hardtop- 4 door

    willing to drive/meet half way. Anyone interested in swapping their new 4 door Hard top for my brand new (I get my bronco next week) Soft top?
  14. Hard Top + Roof Rack = Tornado Wind Noise

    Ok I'm going to keep this quick - Ive had my 4dr 2.3 MT Badlands with the MIC hard top and roof rack for about 3500 miles now and I can say without a doubt the wind noise in this truck is as loud or louder than anything I've ever taken on the highway (including a soft top 1969 GTO). I test...
  15. Worth the wait!

    Worth the wait.
  16. First time hard top removal in just 3 min 45 seconds

    80+ degrees all week here in Southern California, thought I’d take the hard top off. This is my first time removing it and was amazed how easy it was. I used a powered drill which sped things up. The video below is spead up 2x. Did all the work myself but definitely needed a friend to remove the...
  17. Quick cheap long(er) term solution for the dreaded roof rattle TLF has reported on

    Hello fellow Bronco friends (glad we're not doing the Jeep wave right?) I've had my 4dr MIC 1.0 hard top for over 6 weeks. Took delivery on Dec 1st. It's been 6 weeks of enjoyment every time I drive this rig. Found the right Ski rack (posted here in the forums) for my outdoor winter adventures...
  18. Platinum Grey Badlads Sasquatch Pick-up, Marin County

    Just picked-up on Friday! Already removed both roof tops alone with ease! Drives beautifully! Alot of looks from Wrangler owners 😂
  19. Hard or Soft Top? They Both Have Issues...

    I'm getting ready to place my order this week. I want both the hard and soft tops. Last week I test drove a Bronco with both a hard and soft tops. Although thoroughly impressed with both Broncos I was underwhelmed by how much wind noise I heard in the hard top Bronco. My 2005 Jeep LJ's hard...