1. MIC Hard Top Wind Noise Reduction - 2023 Edition - Plus Bonus Fix for Bad Adhesive

    Like many, I plan to use my long-awaited Bronco for long road trips. Like slightly fewer, I'm a bit of an NVH snob. I've had the dash off my Mustang probably 10 times searching for rattles and lining everything with felt and double-sided tape before it was silenced to my liking. My Bronco...
  2. New Bronco in shop for 2+ months

    I picked up my new Bronco back in Oct and was stoked (after 2 year wait). Then the clutch got stuck and a burning metallic smell came from the engine (under 700 miles) . Immediately took it in. And sure enough they found signs of burning and needed to order some new parts… which are still...