1. MIC Hard Top Wind Noise Reduction - 2023 Edition - Plus Bonus Fix for Bad Adhesive

    Like many, I plan to use my long-awaited Bronco for long road trips. Like slightly fewer, I'm a bit of an NVH snob. I've had the dash off my Mustang probably 10 times searching for rattles and lining everything with felt and double-sided tape before it was silenced to my liking. My Bronco...
  2. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    So, we know these are Built Wild... but my wife didn't appreciate it sounding like a hurricane everyday. Who wouldn't want to hear the subtle guitar, bass, drums and notes of your favorite music on the sound system for which you paid? After reading 4+ threads and looking at various modifications...
  3. Found another MIC hard top seal leak. Weatherstripping solution

    On the quest to make the roof quieter for road trips, I've been looking for gaps in the roof seals. I found one that I haven't seen on the forum yet. On each side of the roof near the rear glass, this spot had enough of a gap to see through. I put a little bit of weatherstripping in there and...
  4. Soft Top Seal?

    Picked up my OBX last night and noticed I could stick almost my entire hand into the cabin underneath the soft top. Pic is right above 2nd row window from the outside. Is this normal or is something not sealed properly?