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Jul 26, 2020
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San Diego, CA
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Do you feel personally signature lights worth moving up a trim. I’m really looking forward to the possibility of seeing both lower and higher trim to see how these headlights look in person. I purchased aftermarket headlights and tail lights on almost all of my vehicles so I would hate to upgrade the trim and end up wanting to get aftermarket lighting if the LED upper trends don’t look good in person
Hmm by themselves I'd say no not worth upgrading. I do however really like cool LED DRLs. I had a 2010 Audi A3 which had LED DRLs, and Audi pretty much started that trend I think. I've always liked them. I don't have much experience with aftermarket lights except when I put some headlights on my '94 Legend (and I did like them more than stock lol). In general I'm someone who tends to like the stock look, though I know for something like the Bronco I'll be doing mods but prob not to things like the lights.

I can certainly understand your concern if you like to mod the lights. I think the tail lights are the same no matter the trim (but not 100% sure). FWIW, if all of the headlights are LED than maybe it's a simple swap to the 'signature' models if you like them more than the 'regular' LED headlights. I know with my '94 Legend I wanted xenons but that was a bigger conversion with a ballast and control box, etc.
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