What Secrets Does the Bronco Prototype’s Camouflage Hide?

The sharp eyed users at Bronco6G spotted a few Easter Eggs hiding in plain sight on the Bronco prototype’s vinyl camouflage. While the sticker camo is commonly used to create an optical illusion to obscure the design and shape of the actual vehicle, Ford decided to have a little fun this time, knowing the first prototype sighting would be dissected by us Bronco fans — so let’s indulge them while we wait for more from the carefully orchestrated drip-feed of information.

First off, if there was any doubt the prototype is of the next-gen Bronco, the vinyl wrap is covered with the word “BRONCO” spelled out in the modern font style Ford has used since the Bronco return was first announced 3 years ago. 

Scattered beside the Bronco lettering are bubbles containing small icons which could be indicator signs or buttons on the interior providing a hint of what’s to come. The images are not entirely clear but we can make out a snowflake, binoculars, tent and what appears to be a topless vehicle. The latter could be a not-so-subtle nod to a fully removable top and cage, the design of which was previewed in patent drawings filed last year.

As for the snowflake, is it a hint that it will launch next winter or, taken with the binoculars and tent, more indication of the adventure-readiness of the next Bronco? Are there innovative features being teased? 

Whatever the case, we are all eagerly awaiting more clues until the Spring 2020 reveal. In the meantime, join us in the cat and mouse game and let us know what else you see in the latest spy photos!