outer banks

  1. New from Boise

    Hey all, I placed an order for a Wildtrak in March of 2022 and started watching the forums. My salesman contacted me because someone ordered a loaded Outer Banks and backed out of the deal. I grabbed it for a small markup. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's builds and travel experiences in...
  2. South Carolina Sold: For Sale: Outer Banks Tires & Rims

    BRONCO TIRES FOR SALE -Outer Banks take offs -18” rims 32” Bridgestone Dueler -2,000 miles on them (pavement only) -TPMS included -rims are in new condition. -$800 obo -Pickup only, or inquire for meet up. -Location Greenville SC
  3. Interesting engine sounds after extended driving (~30 mins)

    Hey all. I'm a relatively new Bronco owner (purchased in early April), and so far it's been a pretty great experience. However, there is one aspect of the 2.3L engine that I wanted to post on here, in hopes that those with more Bronco/car knowledge may be able to provide some valuable insight...
  4. First dirt @ 1k miles!

    Hi all! My wife and I decided to celebrate our Bronco having 1k miles by getting it muddy. Not much mud but it was fun!
  5. Build/Blend Date versus Listing Date Concern

    I closed on a 2021 Ford Bronco yesterday at my local dealership, and so far things are running fairly well. However, upon looking back at the window sticker for the vehicle, it shows the blend/build date as of 12/8/2021. This has made me a little uneasy, as the vehicle wasn't listed at the...
  6. Arizona Outer Banks OEM Grille - $395

    I just swapped out the grille on my full-size Ford Bronco Outer Banks. Selling the OEM high gloss grille that came from the Factory. The white BRONCO letters were removed and added to my new grille. My Bronco does have a front camera and this grille accommodated that feature. Part Number...
  7. just received!!! Cactus OBX SAS w/ fuel Bronze wheels

    ordered at Mahwah Ford late Nov....brought home yesterday
  8. Jerky/Rumbly Driving? Is it normal?

    Hi all, 2022, 2-door, outer banks, 2.7, non-sas, 562 miles on the odometer. My Bronco makes a pretty noticeable jerking movement when shifting from park to drive. And it can also be a little jerky in just normal driving, especially after being stopped at a red light. I also sometimes notice a...
  9. Florida Swap Grill

    I am looking for a Wild Track grill (black). I have an Outer Banks grill (also black). Anyone want to trade?
  10. Hello Production week 1/26

    Hello everyone, I am new here just made my way from bronco nation and feel maybe this forum can help me a little more. My order for my 22 bronco was showing in production for 1/26 but not it has not updated. Does anyone know when this week of production will be completed? I understand the chip...
  11. Question about my order (Also hello)

    Hello everyone, I am new here just made my way from bronco nation and feel the people in this forum might be able to help me a little more. With that said, I understand that there are delays but does anyone know any information on broncos who were in production 1/26?
  12. California Sold: Outer Banks-(OBX) Tires And Wheels W/ 5 Miles

    5-Take-Offs from an Outer Banks model. Driven to the tire shop by the dealer. Maybe 5 miles on 4 of them. Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/70R/18 Tires with Factory 18" Wheels with lugs. These tires will give great mileage and can spruce up a Base, Big Bend or Black Diamond. Tires alone sell for...
  13. Virginia Sold: WTS: Outer Banks Wheels and Tires

    Set of 5 Bronco Outer Banks wheels and tires. Swapped to Sasquatch wheels/tires, so no need for these. They DO include TPMS! Like new, no scratches on rims, less than 500 miles on tires. $700 for all. Located in Northern Virginia.
  14. California Sold: Stock Outer Banks wheels and tires

    Set of 5 Bronco Outer Banks wheels and tires. Swapped to Badlands wheels/tires, so no need for these. No TPMS. Like new, no scratches on rims, 2500 miles on tires. Bridgestone Dueller A/T - 255/70/18 $600 for all, great upgrade for those base steelies. Located in Los Angeles.
  15. Matte Black Outer Banks on 35" Ridge Grapplers & 2" Lift

    I thought I would do one of these rig journal posts mainly because I haven't seen many wraps posted. Other than PPF. Build week of 9/6 but didn't take delivery until 12/31. Technically a Day 2 reservation but it was just after midnight on the first day. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I say that...
  16. Bronco Outer Banks initial review-excellent & tire selection feedback

    Day 1 reservation holder, confirmed 1/27/21, converted 4/6/21, purchased from Fair Oaks Ford in Naperville, IL and had a solid overall experience and they took great care of me through the entire process, I got the truck the day the carrier arrived at the dealership. Outer Banks, Carb Grey...
  17. How Many 2 Door Outer Banks were built and sold as 2021

    Interested in knowing how many 2 door outer banks bronco were manufactured and sold with a 2021 model year? Is there a way to find how many would have been built?
  18. My 4dr OB MIC has arrived, worth the wait!

    Took delivery this afternoon and could not be happier! Non-Sasquatch, and added Ford Performance 18” wheels, beefier (Duratrac) tires, and tinted the windows. IMO, the tougher tires make a HUGE difference on the OB’s. I want to thank the Bronco6G forum, countless threads have helped me...
  19. Outer Banks - Area 51 - pick up day!

    Delivered on Saturday and picked up this morning. Stay with it, it’s worth the wait!
  20. Black Diamond or Outer banks

    So I originally had a black Diamond 2.3L MIC, mid package with tow. (Switched back to hard top since not getting it this year)Which came standard with the modular bumper but now it’s being charged for $595… is it worth it? I’m confused about the price guarantee for those who had the 2021. If...