1. New Jersey Bronco Outer Banks

    2021 4-Door Bronco Advanced 4X4 Outer Banks Cactus Grey Lux Package $60,020.00
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  4. 4 Door Outerbanks in Cactus Grey arrived!

    Reservation 9/17/20, converted to an order the first week possible, build date 7/22/2021, didn’t take delivery until 9/4/2021. Worth the wait! Drives like an absolute dream. I love the soft top, it’s so easy to do by myself. Every time I drive it people yell out their windows that they love it...
  5. Power to the Rear Speakers - Did Ford reduce output / volume on purpose?

    When I was adjusting the settings on the 6 speaker system in my Outer Banks. I noticed that the rear speakers volume is really reduced. All the sound is coming from the front 4 speakers. Did Ford reduce the output to the rear speakers in order to balance the system? Has anyone else noticed this...
  6. Greenfield Mass Demo drive

    Took the 2 hour ride out to Greenfield Mass Ford to test drive a tricked-out Outer Banks just to hold me over as I await my non-tricked-out BB. I've been driving two JKs on 35s since 2007 and wanted to see how it compared in regular Sunday drive mode. Lots more hood to see in front of me but it...
  7. Obx Bronco vs Explorer

    My dealership just received an outer banks and I was able to get photos and test drive it! It’s going to be a courtesy vehicle until it is sold. I am even more excited for my obx order to come in! Here are some photos and a comparison with my Explorer.
  8. Outerbanks Antimatter Blue Sasquatch

    This is what it felt like to finally see my future Bronco in person. I’ve got the 4 door ordered but still. Hot damn, they did it right.
  9. Bronco now being displayed on the MAP showcase pedestal

    Long time listener first time caller, here goes. Driving by the plant on my way home just now. They have a cyber orange outer banks up on the pedestal outside the plant. First 2dr I've seen in person and the first one they've had up there that I've seen. Makes me so much more excited for my...
  10. Outerbanks Interior. Anyone have a picture of the cloth navy pier?

    Im not sure if I’m in the right place for this topic, new to the forums and I’ve searched everywhere for this. I’m kicking myself because I had an early reservation, canceled it because my wife got a new car and didn’t think I needed to splurge on the bronco but dang it I want it so I’m going to...
  11. Roast Cloth Seats & Navy Pier Dash in Bronco Outer Banks

    Roast Cloth Seats & Navy Pier Dash in Bronco Outer Banks
  12. Seat Options

    After randomly checking out the B&P for the 10000th time I noticed Ford updated the seats! Brown Leather seats are now 10 way power to match the Navy Pier Blue and Grey., they were only showing manual for this color before but had the same 2,195 Price tag
  13. Nitpicking due to frustration? More comfort and security features should be standard

    I’ll admit at this point I’m somewhat obsessed. The more time I spend on these forums the worse I get. As these models are coming off the assembly line I’m looking at them and sharing the pics with family who immediately start asking questions that bring up comparisons to my current vehicle...