1. California 5 Sasquatch Wheels & Tires with TPMS $1500

    Set of 5 Sasquatch wheels & tires & lug nuts & factory locking lug nuts with factory TPMS installed. All are balanced and ready to go and came off a 2021 Badlands 4 door. $1500 for all 5. 9,000 miles on 4 of them, zero miles on the spare. There are a few scratches on the silver beauty rings...

    Selling my Non Sasquatch Badlands OEM Coil-Overs with 2,842 miles on them. 4 Door 2.3L Soft Top. Great Condition. Located In the San Francisco Bay Area $700
  3. California Sold: Sasquatch Beauty Rings Set of 5 - Silver - Shipping Included

    I have a set of 5 Sasquatch Beauty Rings taken off my Bronco with less than 500 miles. Like new condition. I will include shipping in the asking price in the box Ford performance sent my new black ones in. Asking $295 - Shipping included
  4. Bronco Badlands 2 Door VS 4 Door

    Just a video my husband made. We are selling one of them. We aren’t sure which one though. We have a Tremor that should arrive this week.
  5. Build of Bad_Bronc_4x4 Sasquatch on 37's w/Baja Pre-Runner Kit and King Shocks w/ADV 5" Fenders

    Hey Guys, New here to the Bronco6G Forum, I ordered my Bronco Jan 2022 and received it May 7th from the guys out in Prosser, WA. No markup and a bunch of great guys there. Traded in my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance that I wasn't a fan of, only bought it due to messing up the motor on my 2018...
  6. YETI Bronco - Outerbanks SAS with 17" Beadlocks and 37" BFG KM3

    So I've never done a forum build thread before. I make YouTube and Instagram posts about my cars so why not? Here's a link to the my socials if y'all wanna follow along there as well. Instagram: @jacobrdoty YouTube: Jacob R. Doty Day 2 reservation holder > converted to order in November 2021 >...
  7. Texas Wanted sasquatch suspension 4dr 2.7

    Looking for sasquatch take off coilovers to buy 4dr 2.7
  8. South Carolina 2022 Wildtrak Wheels and Tires

    5 Wildtrak wheels and tires for sale. 2,000 miles on them. Like new. NO tpms. $2,000. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC
  9. Non-Sas swap to Sasquatch flares. Back-to-back comparison photos!

    Finally got some Sas flares in from Stage 3 for $340 or so can’t remember. Decided to do my best and show comparisons cause I know so many people are just curious. I’m running 2.5” lift, 35x12.5’s, spacers on da steelies…and it looks killer. However, tired of stuff slinging onto the bronc, so I...
  10. Sasquatch sticker

    I have a 3" and 4" sticker should I make a larger one?
  11. Canada - Alberta Hello, I have a full line of Bronco Stickers on my Etsy Site and they are on sale the next 10 days!

    15% off in the store this week, here are a few examples and the link to my Etsy store! All my stickers are high quality Vinyl and are dishwasher safe ( for those travel mugs) scratch and fade resistant. perfect for laptops, on your Bronco, travel cups, water bottles and coolers...
  12. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    I haven’t really posted on here since I got my 2 door back in December. But figured I’d update! here is when I first picked it up i enjoyed it stock (briefly) then decided to go with Toyo AT3s, black rhino Axle wheels and a 1 inch RC level ended up adding Sasquatch fender flares and went with...
  13. Badlands w/ sasquach.... leveling kit?

    Hello. I have a 2021 badlands with sasquach package. I'd like to level it. I can't find anything in the 2 inch range. This is a 1.5 inch leveling kit for this trim. Has anyone used this kit or do you have any...
  14. Overhead Squatch Basket aka Sunglasses, Mic, small MOLLE pouch holder

    We first showed this off at the Super Celebration East and recieved a lot of complements! We had put the prototype on the Bronco that morning and drove to Tennessee. We ended up changing the design and had to wait until now for various reasons. Anyways....Check out the new Squatch Basket from...
  15. California Sold: FS $800 Sasquatch wheels Only

    Hey guys, just removed my set of Sasquatch wheels, they came off of a 4 dr Badlands. Looking to sell them, this item is only for the 5 wheels, NO TPMS and NO tires. Two do have light to heavy rash and scuffing from off-roading use and rock crawling. Rears have light rash. They were definitely...
  16. Oregon Sold: Sasquatch Wheels - Only 7 Miles on them

    5 take off bronco Sasquatch wheels for sale $800. Like new super low miles on them.
  17. New from Boise

    Hey all, I placed an order for a Wildtrak in March of 2022 and started watching the forums. My salesman contacted me because someone ordered a loaded Outer Banks and backed out of the deal. I grabbed it for a small markup. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's builds and travel experiences in...
  18. Sasquatch Flare separating from mounting point.

    Hard to explain in the title but I noticed that my front driver Sas flare is loose despite the part that locks into the actual metal fender being rock solid. It looks like the flare is two discrete pieces that are bonded or clipped together and that the exterior flare portion is separating...
  19. Michigan Rokblokz XL Long mudflaps

    Set of Rokblocks front XL Long mudflaps, super easy to remove for trail riding, these did great keeping rocks off my paint on road, where the Goodyear really fling rocks at speed. 260.00 new, these are in almost new condition. Have orange RB accent color. 200.00 OBO. pickup only, Detroit metro area.
  20. Colorado Sold: (5) Goodyear Territory MT Tires - LT315/70R17

    Selling 5 Goodyear Territory MT tires in size LT315/70R17. These came on my 2022 Bronco. I drove on 4 of them (obviously) for 147 miles until the new tires I ordered arrived; the matching spare tire has zero miles on it. I have paperwork from my new tire purchase to prove that I only put 147...