1. OJ_Loose

    Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    I ordered a Badlands 2 door without the Sasquatch package. I wanted it but did not feel like waiting (ordered a manual) and realized there were different wheels and tires I wanted more in the aftermarket. Anyone in the same boat here? Not too sure what I might do with suspension, wheels and...
  2. sanford

    In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    2-door Wildtrack Sasquatch sighting in Columbus, Ohio. I'm 6'4 (250#), and inside didn't feel any smaller than my Silverado 1500. Legroom and seats felt great. 4-6 inches of headroom with hard top. Shocked how big 12" screen looks.
  3. Photos of 4 door White Badlands with SAS?

    Been looking around the forums for some pics but I’m trying to make the decision between getting SAS and the 33’s. Certainly don’t need the SAS but you can’t beat the look
  4. Philly

    Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    Hi everyone, just saw this bad boy parked at Don's of Traverse City in Novi this morning and grabbed a couple pictures! Sorry I couldn't get more or better detail. The engineer was in it and I am working with one arm at the moment (just had shoulder surgery). I also wasn't driving and my driver...
  5. Sighting: 2dr Cactus Grey Sasquatch w/ Fastback Top

    Spotted this 2dr in Allen Park . Ive been seeing a least one on the road a day around here in the downriver area . Little perk of living in this area.
  6. Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    The day is finally here, it’s time to submit my order with my dealer. The only problem is that after months of weighing the options I have 90% of my build figured out but am still unsure on whether to squatch the Badlands or not. I realistically only need the 33s based on my expected amount of...
  7. noahr

    Baby Squatch bronco Sport Mullinax Kissimmee

    So my managers decided in the spirit of the OG bronco that we should take inspiration from the sasquatch package and decided to slap a 2 inch lift and some meaty wheels and tires on a baby bronco. I cant lie it actually looks pretty dang good.
  8. B&P Update: Sasquatch Pricing on Base 2-Door and Big Bend Now $7385

    Looking like the updates are happening. Price break down for adding Sasquatch package to a 2-Door Base and Big Bend is now:
  9. acetdeucy

    Ford Has A "Mole" Watching This Forum

    Ford has an unofficial "Mole" on this forum, monitoring all the crap you guys say about the new BRONCO; however, we really don't hear much about the new SPORT, because, it seems that not many enthusiasts care too much about it! Unlucky for you, I'm one of them moles... and as soon as I can...
  10. BadlandsBroncoBen

    Mansquatch through DIO?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anybody ordering a Badlands with the 2.3 and Manual transmission has talked to their dealer about having them add the suspension bump stops and fender flares from the Sasquatch package and some 35"s at the dealer. I want to row my own gears AND have big tires AND not...
  11. Get Sasquatch Package or go aftermarket?

    Has anyone else had second thoughts on not getting Sasquatch package on Bronco? Pricing seems high when you can do the same at lower cost. The wheel are bead lock capable which means you still have to buy aftermarket kit from Ford performance to do this. A set of 35" tires are that expensive...
  12. Anyone had second thoughts on getting Sasquatch package?

    Has anyone else had second thoughts on not getting Sasquatch package on Bronco? Pricing seems high when you can do the same at lower cost. The wheel are bead lock capable which means you still have to buy aftermarket kit from Ford performance to do this. A set of 35" tires are that expensive...
  13. Pancho Kornwallace

    B&P Features That I Don't Understand

    I just wanted to create a post to identify which features others do not understand or have further questions about. This is different than "errors/bugs". I am planning on getting a Base Model and here are mine: 1. Keypad: Are we not getting a key fob (It has been multiple decades since I did...
  14. BdubBronco

    Maintenance 101 (A Dummies Guide for Bronco Ownership)

    Torn between Black Diamond VS BD Squatched VS Badlands. I want that B.A. look and tough interior. I’ll eventually make into the woods after the honeymoon phase. The effort and costs associated with off-road goodies is one factor I’m considering in my choice. I’m one of those guys that pays...
  15. Pancho Kornwallace

    Bronco Overlanding for Beginners: Request for Advice

    In this COVID world, where I have been working remotely without plane travel for 6 months+, I am dreaming of Overlanding. My definition of this is road tripping cross country and taking dirt roads to semi-remote places (nothing too serious), and camping overnight. Occasionally, I would check...
  16. Florida Looking to trade my Sasquatch fenders for painted white fenders

    I'm in FL but I'm willing to travel a decent distance to you or pay for the shipping for both items. I want to swap out my Sasquatch fenders for a set of painted Oxford White fenders (for any of you Outer Banks purchasers that might be looking for bigger fenders)
  17. Is the Sasquatch worth the money?

    So, as everyone is likely aware, today Ford announced that the sasquatch package will be available with a manual transmission. I've seen discussion on that thread regarding whether the sasquatch is worth the wait, but I'd like to start a discussion about whether the sasquatch package is worth...

    Sasquatch Tire Cover

    Caught this walking out of Whole Foods today. This guy must be researching the Bronco to see if he wants to replace his Yeeep. Anybody seen these tire covers before? Would be cool on a Bronco but as “Sasquatch Discovery Team”.
  19. Badlands Bronco With Sasquatch Package Still Gets The Sway Bar Disconnect?

    I'm definitely thinking that if I get the Bronco I'm getting the Badlands trim seeing as all First Editions are already sold out. However, I'm confused as to whether or not the Sasquatch package can be added onto a Badlands trim, and if so if it can still disconnect the sway bar? Because...

    2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    UPDATE: Added a fun little camo wrap to the last image haha. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share some amateur color renderings of the 2-door BadSquatch that I made for fun. I figure these will help me visualize colors before the builder/pricing comes out. I tried to get them pretty close to...