soft top

  1. Philly

    Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    Hi everyone, just saw this bad boy parked at Don's of Traverse City in Novi this morning and grabbed a couple pictures! Sorry I couldn't get more or better detail. The engineer was in it and I am working with one arm at the moment (just had shoulder surgery). I also wasn't driving and my driver...
  2. Sighting: 2dr Cactus Grey Sasquatch w/ Fastback Top

    Spotted this 2dr in Allen Park . Ive been seeing a least one on the road a day around here in the downriver area . Little perk of living in this area.
  3. Catmandu

    Possible Bronco Soft Top Rear Opening Feature Pic! + Carbonized Gray Badlands

    I was combing trough posted pics desperately trying to find a Carbonized Gray photo and I found what appears to be an image of the soft top rear window lifted. I had seen this reported earlier but discounted the feature based on the rear window seams. I did not think about the approach they...
  4. ramblinwreck

    So does anyone plan on just getting the soft top?

    All I see are thread after thread of people complaining about the MIC top being gray, or wondering the difference between the MIC top and the painted top, wanting a white top etc. It seems like the vast majority want a hard top and are not even considering the standard soft top. Is this...
  5. Universal Hard Top?

    Just a thought here. Since the four door hard top comes in three pieces and the two door in two pieces. Does this mean that the four door and two door can share the rear portion of the hard top? If so this could mean that two door bronco owners could sell their top to someone with a four door...
  6. Roof rack options for soft top

    I am planning on a 4 door base model with a soft top. I wonder what the forum thinks about roof rack options with a soft top? Do you think Ford will offer something or has anyone seen any evidence of this type of set up in the Bronco's seen in the wild. Thanks everyone.
  7. Administrator

    First Real Life Look at Soft Top on 2021 Bronco

    Our photographer has just spotted a Bronco prototype fully revealing for the first time the 2021 Bronco's soft top. Yes the soft top looks to be in rough shape, but keep in mind that this is not the best presentation of the soft top as this prototype has likely lived a tough life already...