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  1. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    Love the super retro vibe meets modern day!
  2. Another Area 51 vs. Cactus Grey Thread (Bronco SPORT)

    Dropped by Scarff Ford in Kent, WA on a cloudy, rainy day to check out their 3 Bronco Sports on the lot to see these colors in-person. Area 51 was nice and yes, IMO Cactus Grey does have the slightest hint of green to it - hope this helps some of you make your decision a little easier!
  3. Area 51 and Cactus Gray in Seattle Sunshine

    I've been wanting to see my top color picks (Antimatter Blue and Area 51) in person and figured that since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it'd be best to see them on a gray, rainy day. Unfortunately, the local dealer didn't have any AMB vehicles despite Ford's inventory tool saying on was in...
  4. Cactus Gray Bronco Sport in Full Sun

    I drove to my local dealer on Thursday to check out Area 51 in the sun, and they added a Cactus Gray Bronco Sport to their lot! It's a really unique color and looked very gray with a slight blue tint at first glance, and then purely gray in some light, and then when I got a bit closer it lit up...
  5. Bronco Sport in GA

    Came across this Shadow Black OB today. Not a bad little vehicle.
  6. 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands Walkaround

    Hi everyone! New to starting threads but thought I would give this a shot. My name is Connor, aka ThatGuyatFord on socials, and I am a the Bronco Specialist here at Kitchener Ford in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! We received our first 2021 Bronco Sport this past Monday here at the Dealership. I...
  7. Bronco Sport Badlands Tour - Badlands Package

    Had a chance to spend the weekend with the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands trim and was very impressed overall. Small on outside but very spacious on the inside.
  8. Area 51 Bronco Sport in Cloudy/Rainy Weather

    I want to start this off by letting everyone know this Bronco Sport can be seen at Suburban Ford in Waterford Michigan. Anyways, I can't believe I finally got so see this color! It was so much better in person. I only liked Area 51 in photos on the rare occasion it appeared to be a bright blue...
  9. Bronco Sport 1" Lift Confirmed during SEMA Q&A

    On the Bronco Sport SEMA Q&A Live Stream Session yesterday they discussed the MAD industries modded Bronco Sport. This was a similar mod like the Sport Badlands Trail Rig Concept and the Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol concept. In the live SEMA Q&A Live Stream Chris Mangum, the owner of MAD Designs...
  10. Broncos on Display December 3rd at Sheehy Ford of Richmond!!

    Sheehy Ford Of Richmond will have a two door Bronco, 4 door Bronco and a Bronco Sport on site Thursday, December 3rd 2020. This will be an 8 hour event. We are extremely excited to break the news to the Bronco6G community. Ford will have two specialists on site as well as the sales team at...
  11. Help Request. Driver Side Headroom

    Hey All... first please forgive that this is Bronco Sport help request. To be fair though, there are at least 500% more folks on the 6g side with connections and knowledge. Will post anything you impart here on the post I made in the Bronco Sport forum under Interior Specs...
  12. Bronco & Bronco Sport Physical Brochure / Pamphlet

    The dealership I work at just got brochures in. Mostly info we already know, but confirms Velocity Blue as late availability, and adds a few new photos of the 2 and 4 door models. Sorry for the bad scan quality and I can do at the moment.
  13. Bronco Sport shop on Amazon shows trims / models

    Was on Amazon snooping and saw this. Not sure if this was found or not before as this forums have BLOWN UP in the past week. Everytime I see something new there is already 15 pages! one could assume these may transfer to the Bronco as well, and this confirms once again the trim levels for the...