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  1. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    Two dealer mannequins on the left next to the first edition that just rolled in today. Hard top looked pretty decent. There was a bit of excess flashing around one of the edges but it came right off when I rubbed it gently with my nail. Biggest thing that stood out to me was on the driver side...

    NEW EXPLORER TIMBERLINE next to my FE Bronco
  3. First Edition next to Bronco2 size comparison

    Found a Bronco2 in the wild.
  4. Baja Designs Pocket Fog Light Kit Full Install on 2021 Bronco ***VIDEO***

    Baja Designs Fog Light Kit Full Install on First Edition.
  5. Photos: Installed Aftermarket Baja Designs Bumper Pocket Fog Light Kit

    I finally got to install my @Baja Designs bumper pocket fog light kit this. morning. Everything was super easy except loosening the T40 screws on the underside of the bumper. Luckily, my Ford Dealer was super excited to see a 1st Edition roll up in the service bay and they graciously loosened...
  6. Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo is AWESOME!!!

    The FORD Bronco Off-Roadeo is a 10/10 as it was such an incredible experience. When we walked out another gentleman asked the 3 of us on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the experience? My daughters blurted out 10 out of 10 and I said 50 out of 10. He smiled and laughed. The first day...
  7. Bronco VS 1979 Scout II

    Just saw my first Bronco 6G at a Ford dealership here in KC (overland park.) Told my son to go check it out, and he took a picture with the Scout for reference. For the diehards - yes, that is a 73 grill (it's my favorite year) on a 79 Scout.
  8. SoCal/Los Angeles Delivery today

    My Bronco First Edition, 4dr, MIC, just landed in Woodland Hills/LA this morning, was a 6/24 build date, Tracker never updated. Took about a month to arrive..... My dealer was suppose to give me an update when it was at the transportation hub, but didnt, now i'm going out of town for a few...
  9. First Edition vs Fully loaded Badlands

    I have First Edition and a Badlands ordered. I have never been able to completely figure out the difference other than you can’t get rear cargo protector and brush guard on Badlands with 2.7 EB. If these are the only differences then the Badlands is $61,310 without the $300 brush guard and $120...
  10. Full PPF wrapped my entire Bronco First Edition !

    Updated: Front window tint is 15% to match the back widows
  11. First Edition for sale 99K

    First edition 4 door for sale for just under 100K at Chicago Motor Cars! Sheesh.
  12. Does Perimeter Alarm work well?

    Anyone have any experience with Ford's Perimeter Alarm? I saw it as an accessory, and realized it's part of my build. Does it work well?
  13. First Edition Bronco off-road trails!! ***FULL VIDEO***

    I took my First Edition on some off-road trails yesterday for the first time. I was extremely impressed with all the modes/features, and everything about the new Bronco! Stay tuned for more content. Enjoy,
  14. First time off roading with My First Edition! DRONE x GO PRO Video

    First time off roading with my First Edition DRONE x GOPRO Video. first time off roading Go pro x Drone
  15. 2.7L Bronco First Edition 0-60 MPH VIDEO!!

    First edition 0-60!!!
  16. First Edition With BLACK ONYX interior Delivered today!!

    First Edition With BLACK ONYX interior
  17. My First Edition Bronco was delivered TODAY!!!!

    According to Ford my scheduled delivery date was 7/2/21. Christmas came a week sooner!!! More photos soon.