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  1. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red First Edition+MIC+Upgraded BO Bar

    Via Bronco Battalion USA via @samabuelsamid
  2. BN First Edition Walkaround

    Found this on my latest hunt for Bronco vids. 26 minutes long covering the usual fare. Nice to see walkarounds of the 2 Broncos I have on order with Granger. Enjoy courtesy of Bronco Nation! Bronco only has lane keeping right? Not lane centering? Jordan needs to check his information.
  3. What are all the "freebies" we should get with an FE??

    I know we're too get a bunch of rewardpass points, a $500 discount and I think a few other points? I would like to have it all figured out in advance so that I'm not scrambling after I take delivery. Is there someone more organized than me who has a list of everything? Screenshots etc would be...
  4. Skip The Line at Mike Bass Ford

    With many of us anxiously awaiting the text or phone call from our dealer about any hint of something that may resemble an estimated delivery date, your time has come. Hopefully this Bronco and the other 5 being sold with it do not belong to any forum members. I’d hate to see someone’s Bronco on...
  5. 📷: Area 51 2-door First Edition Bronco pics by Levine

    First FE seen in a long time having a badge! 📷:MrLevine
  6. First Edition Allocation

    With Ford increasing the total allocation for the First Edition to the 7,000 from the initial 3,500, what happens if all of the reservation are not converted to orders? Will they still build 7,000 FEs? How many FE’s have been converted to date?
  7. Keyless Entry Pad. Worth The Money?

    So as it gets closer to finalize my order, I've been thinking about adding the keyless entry pad ($110). Is it worth adding to the Bronco at all? My dealer says that all Bronco models will be compatible with the Ford-Pass app that can lock and unlock doors, and use Remote start from the App (I...
  8. What First on First Edition? Will Shadow Black Top or Black Interior Be Delivered First

    After seeing how good the MIC tops from KOH it got me thinking do I really want/need the mod top? Especially given the cost difference. I know I want the black interior which is a late avail item. but how late vs the top? My gut is telling me its a lot easier to switch out some stitching...
  9. Factory Pics: Lightning Blue Bronco First Edition + Race Red Black Diamond ?

    Stig manage to snap more of the Lightning Blue First Edition, I realized got a good look yesterday but def can't go wrong seeing more...Right?! Good pic of the AUX switches... Also included a Race Red Black Diamond. It's got a soft top and the upgraded wheels! Good look and fender and wheel...
  10. #986 Rapid Red First Edition gets its graphics + Sound Deadening Headliner + MIC close-ups ???

    Getting stiggy with it! #986 looking good after it got graphics applied. Looking a lil less naked! Also the first two pictures are the pre graphics of #986. MIC closeup and the "felt" sound deadening headliner material! Soft top folded up. **Please keep in mind these are some super bright...

    So, we start this story with 3500 First Edition Broncos, sold out on the first night. Other disappointed FE reservation want-to-be's grumble, while they fall in line to reserve a Wildtrak or Badlands or whatever... Later on, in the probable 2021 model year list of reservations to build, Ford...
  12. ONLY FOR FE RESERVATION HOLDERS-> What configuration of the First Edition Bronco are you getting?

    Ideally I would like only FE reservation holders to respond to the POLL. All other forum members are of course welcome to post on the thread with their opinions. Thanks for your feedback! Now that we have confirmation that Black interior and Navy Pier interior are going to options on the First...
  13. First Edition Buyers! What color are you choosing?

    I'm just curious what color First Edition buyers will choose. I'm kind of surprised to see that we are limited on our choices. I like the Area 51 and the Lightning Blue but I may have chosen white or black if I had the choice; Kind of a bummer. Decisions, decisions.
  14. First Edition Holders - Order FE or play allotment algorithm game?

    With the information and confusion about the dealer allotments surfacing, are you considering following through with your FE order to guarantee you get your Bronco in the Spring/Summer of 2021? I can't imagine FE orders will go into the Fall of 2021. Although FE holders have an early...
  15. (Yet Another) Petition: First Edition to Receive Options

    There are moments where I love this forum. There are also moments I hate it. I'm hoping I can rally only the positivity here. I just want those who agree that the First Edition being given a non-exclusive interior (Navy Pier is available on Outer Banks) when it was promised to be exclusive, as...
  16. First Edition Bronco Thread

    3500 of us out there (or so they say).Let’s get this thread going and talk about this badass limited edition!!! I reserved a 4 door, plan on the getting cactus grey. Any info on the limited interior options yet?
  17. How many missed out on a First Edition?

    So we know all 7,000 reservations for the First Edition went fast -- how many of you wanted one but missed out?