1. To Simoniz GlassCoat or Not to Simoniz?

    Wanted to throw this out there to the community. Was strongly considering ceramic coating for the (almost here) BD. Our dealer is offering the interior/exterior Simoniz GlassCoat with warranty for $895. Basic google research seems to indicate worth it for the warranty. To the community -...
  2. Order Made For You By Dealer?

    Hi all, this is my first thread on the forum. I’ve been actively wall-flowering for months but wanted to get myself involved. I am interested in seeing if others are in the same boat, here. Or… to see if I’ve been swindled… Res: 2021 Aug Order: 2021 November Status at time of this post: no...
  3. Bronco grab handle dimensions

    Im going to be picking up my bronco in a few weeks and wanted to get a head start on modeling and printing custom grab handles. Does anyone have the dimensions and screw sizes of the grab handle on the center console? Picture would be really helpful as well.
  4. Will a 0mm offset be too much poke?

    I’m weighing options for some wheels to get when my bronco arrives. I’ve come across a great deal on some but it has a 0mm offset. I plan on getting the 2 inch rough country lift thrown on with some 33s. Anyone know if 0mm will cause rub or throw too much rocks with the lift and 33s?
  5. Build date and delivery estimate

    Hey all, This is a question for those who have already received their broncos. From your initial build date, how long did it take for you to actually receive your bronco? A rough estimate would be helpful for my future purchase of a parking pass on campus. I’d like to know how much money I could...
  6. Oklahoma WTT/WTB Different grille for Big Bend

    I have a MY 2022 Big Bend with a build date of 12/20. I’m wanting to trade my grille for any other one. My Bronco is shadow black and the factory grille is a little to grey for my taste. I’ve tried to nose around for a place to buy one outright and forgo trying to trade, but I haven’t had much...
  7. P. T. O. S - Therapy

    Post Traumatic Order Syndrome How do you guys handle the post order lull? How do you handle not having something to obsess over 24/7 waiting for that magical call? Help! I’m on day 1 post confirmation.
  8. T

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