1. 2021 4-Door Bronco Outer Banks at deal and SELLING AT MSRP!

    My Dealer contact: [email protected] has an Antimatter Blue Outer Banks (4-Door, Automatic) for sale AT MSRP (at of Nov 29 at 9pm EST)! Village Ford is my dealer (I am a customer) in Dearborn Michigan. NOTE: 1. I am not affiliated with Village Ford except as a happy customer...
  2. Another dealer markup - $15k ADM at Ford Tuttle Click

    Drove past Ford Tuttle Click in Irvine this morning, noticed they had a Bronco sat out front so went to have a quick look. Black Diamond, $15k markup. Wonder if that means all of their Broncos including ordered ones will have the same price increase or this is just because it inventory?
  3. Village Ford Sold Me My Base 2021 Bronco 2-Door at MSRP and I got 70K FordPass Points to use now!

    In this video, I explain my Base Bronco 2-Door Build. Then I interview [email protected] (my sales consultant) about how I got MSRP (and you can too). We also go into my 70,000+ FordPass points and how they can be used. NOTE: I have no affiliation with Village Ford except as a...
  4. The Base 2-Door Bronco is a Price Hack (I made a video!)

    I reserved on July 14 2020 (early morning) and I expect my Bronco to built on July 12, 2021. I decided to share a video to share my thoughts... In the video, I will tell you why the 2021 Base Bronco 2-Door is a price hack and a fantastic deal relative to the Jeep Wrangler, the 4-Door, and to...
  5. Sasquatch Price on Window Sticker

    I’m sure other members have noticed that the SAS price is still showing at $4,995.00 on their window stickers. It probably doesn’t mean anything and what we’re seeing isn’t final but I’m surprised Ford hasn’t fixed that on their end. Anyone with dealer knowledge have insight on how this will...
  6. NADA Guide 2021 Bronco build & price updated with pricing (MSRP and invoice)

    NADA Guide has added the Big Bronco in its inventory of pricing might still be some bugs, though, for example, the Big Bend trim doesn’t have the manual as an option, yet.
  7. "A BRONCO IS A BRONCO" - Buying a new Bronco, making payments, and affordability!

    No, I’m not actually asking you to post how much you can afford. This is not a competition. ;) As someone who is involved in some other hobbies that can get pretty expensive if you’re not careful, and given the fact that this vehicle generally caters to a younger demographic, I just wanted to...
  8. North of border vs South of border pricing

    Dont get me wrong, i love and want a bronco. But after playing with the B&P... Its becoming hard to choose one. Think i need a push from you people. B&P Canada has way more less options / accessories then US. Not only that, the price is a killer... I often end up with a 70k rig. Just to give...
  9. 2021 BRONCO PRICE LIST – MSRP & Dealer Invoice Pricing

    Packages pricing (for SPORT model) for reference.