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    I hope Ford gives us something every week, WE NEED INFO

    The embargo’s end this week. So we’ll be getting. FLOODED with videos soon
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    When will first drive Bronco reviews be published by press journalists?

    So this week it’s about to go down
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    When will first drive Bronco reviews be published by press journalists?

    All news and interviews will be embargoed until 6 a.m. ET on Thursday, August 13. Ride experiences in new Bronco models are embargoed until 6 a.m. ET on Tuesday, August 18.
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    Acceptable odometer reading (can dealers test drive orders before customer pickup) ?

    working for a dealer for a short time we would take the vehicles we would get in. Put on all the dealer accessories (mud flaps, floor mats, muffler tips, pin stripes etc) would turn take off all the packing plastic. And put on dealer plate or frame sticker etc. then take the gas card. Fill up...
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    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    They are so beautiful
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    Motor Trend On Jeep vs Bronco

    i hear you on that. But they make it sound like the bronco won’t have any aftermarket at all
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    Motor Trend On Jeep vs Bronco

    1 Diesel option - I’m sure all 2,000 owners care. 2 SFS - Ford will be better at other types of off-roading and on roads. So it’s arguable. 3 mirrors on door - they even say they are probably removable. But they have no Idea. So no mirrors all the time is better? 4 offroad gearing. You can...
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    Just crashed my jeep

    I need to get myself a dash cam. they are life savers. Other drivers freak me out. Especially since I watch videos on a regular basis.
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    Delivery Reality

    Im sorry. I’m A math guy. just an fyi my Differential Equations exam in college was only 2 questions and it took me over 3 hours.
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    Delivery Reality

    I definitely see them hiring more people to fill those lines for the bronco. So I’m sure the production numbers will go up after the new year.
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    2.7L w/ manual trans (is Ford listening?)

    But the 2.3 is a better motor than the 3.6 Jeep. 3.6 Jeep only has 260lbft ford has 310
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    Delivery Reality

    not too many if your that early. You SHOULD get yours within the first week or so of delivery. it’s hard to say. Because there has never been anything like this. A mass production vehicle you can reserve. as of right now SEMA and LA Auto are both on track to be open this November.
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    Delivery Reality

    I assume the biggest part of why production is pushed so far back is due to government testing and approval (epa iihs etc) As well as finalized assembly prep which was just NOW allowed to be restarted. I think Sasquatch is a assembly line package not a “add on.” Other wise ford is going to...
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    Delivery Reality

    So the timeline has become more clear, as well as the total reservations. THIS IS ALL SPECULATION So there has been roughly 240,000 total reservations. And here at Bronco6G we have roughly 2,400 going to members. or 1/100 if I looked at the chart we have correctly about 2/3 (66.67%) or 1600 of...