1. California 5 Sasquatch Wheels & Tires with TPMS $1500

    Set of 5 Sasquatch wheels & tires & lug nuts & factory locking lug nuts with factory TPMS installed. All are balanced and ready to go and came off a 2021 Badlands 4 door. $1500 for all 5. 9,000 miles on 4 of them, zero miles on the spare. There are a few scratches on the silver beauty rings...
  2. Michigan Big Bend Tires/Wheels

    Selling 5 stock Big Bend tire/wheel take offs. TPMS sensors still on and will include lug nuts. 300 miles on them. Asking $1k. Grand Rapids, MI area
  3. Toyo Tires Open Country A/T III LT285/75R18 installed anyone?

    Has anyone put these tires on the stock 18" wheels? I'd love to see a picture! I've got a OBX on order and want to upgrade the tires and add a lift.
  4. Wisconsin Base take offs for sale 400

    Selling 5 new take offs no tpms only 100 miles on them
  5. South Carolina 2022 Wildtrak Wheels and Tires

    5 Wildtrak wheels and tires for sale. 2,000 miles on them. Like new. NO tpms. $2,000. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC
  6. Florida WTB OEM upgraded Badlands Wheels

    Hello, I am looking for a set of Badlands upgraded wheels. If they have the 285/70/17 BFG , even better.
  7. Pennsylvania Sold: General Grabber 265/70/R17 (5) Tires - $400

    These are the stock tires from my Black Diamond rig. Low mileage, good condition (~5k mileage) - I didn't have the pleasure of taking these offroad. Anyway, this is less about me making money off these tires than it is clearing space in my tiny garage - hence the lower price. Please buy them. I...
  8. 1" or 2" lift to fit 285/70r17 tires?

    I'm positive there's a thread out there on this and I'm just being lazy not searching for it but figured I'd start this one. I'm going to upgrade to a 285/70r17 tire from the factory Bridgestone 31s. Went back and forth but really don't think I need 35s. My question is whether a 1" lift will...
  9. Maryland Sold: Stock Outer Banks Bridgestone Dueler A/T Tires For Sale $400 OBO

    Selling 4 stock tires from my Outer Banks, just the tires not the rims. Bridgestone Dueler A/T, 255/70R18. Like new with roughly 3,000 miles on them. We replaced them with highway tires and these need to go as they are taking up space in my garage. All reasonable offers considered. I am in...
  10. How to tell if take off wheels have TPMS sensors

    I am buying BD take offs for my incoming base Bronco. Is there any way to check if TPMS sensors are installed on the wheels?
  11. Texas Sold: 5 Badlands optional bead lock capable wheels and tires w/sensors and lug nuts.

    Just switched to Sasquatch wheels and tires and selling my original badlands bead lock capable wheels and the mounted BF Goodrich KO2s 285/70/17. Date code is 20/21. and they have about 2400 miles on them. Comes with installed factory sensors and lug nuts. Spare cover too, if you want it, it...
  12. North Carolina Sasquatch tires only- $1000

    Just put 37s on my build and selling the 35” that came on it. 5,300 miles on the tires, like new. Price is firm
  13. Colorado Sold: (5) Goodyear Territory MT Tires - LT315/70R17

    Selling 5 Goodyear Territory MT tires in size LT315/70R17. These came on my 2022 Bronco. I drove on 4 of them (obviously) for 147 miles until the new tires I ordered arrived; the matching spare tire has zero miles on it. I have paperwork from my new tire purchase to prove that I only put 147...
  14. California Sold: FOR SALE - 2022 Black Diamond Wheels/Tires

    For sale (5) General Grabber ATX 265/70/17 with stock Black Diamond wheels and TPMS included. Less than 200 miles on them. $1000 NorCal area - meet up only, no shipping.
  15. Need help with wheel options for a Bronco base

    Hello everyone, I am looking at different wheel and tire set ups for my bronco base. I am looking at getting a 17in wheel to pair them with Nitto ridge grappler 35 tires. I am worried about how it will affect the ride quality on everyday driving. This will be my daily driver but I like the...
  16. Delaware FS: FUEL Siege black/tinted 20" wheels on NITTO Ridge Grappler 35x12.5x20 (Brand New) $3500 OBO

    FS: Complete new set (5) FUEL Siege black/tint wheels (20x9) and NITTO Ridge Grappler tire 35x12.5x50x20.. Includes TPMS and black lug nuts. Mounted and balanced ready for installation. (20 miles on tires... drove from dealership to my garage) Local pickup, will to meet halfway for MD,VA,PA,DE...
  17. The great debate Mickey Thompson bajas or Ko2s?

    So I'm looking to upgrade my wheels and tires and have been trying to find out which direction in tires is best now that the wheels are purchased. New to off road tire brands so not sure who or what to go with. Has anyone had both brands pros vs cons? Noise, durability, comfort?
  18. Virginia X5 BFG TA KO2 LT285/70R17 A/T Tires only. $800.00 OBO

    Tires are from my Badlands with 456 miles on them. Willing to ship if needed. Located in Northern Virginia.
  19. Tire Weights: Goodyear Territory (Sasquatch Pkg) vs Aftermarket

    Don't worry, I used the search function before posting this ;) I just need some more advice before I go drop $1800+ on 5 new tires! Those of you who swapped the Goodyear Territory MTs on your Sasquatch Bronco for a heavier tire, how did the change impact your MPG, braking, handling...
  20. Brand new Badlands Rock rails for sale

    just took delivery of my badlands SAS and I'm looking to change the rails out simply because I have kids. no off roading on the rails or vehicle willing to sell locally will ship but they have some weight so not sure on shipping cost, looking to get 500. Also selling my Stock set of 35s with...