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Oct 25, 2020
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Actually for lack of better terms, "downgraded" lights. These have the partial rather than full halos. The Badlands on the build site has full halos. So from as far as I can tell, there are a minimum of 10 separate grilles floating around. There are five "6 hole" grilles. They are on the OBX, FE, and WT in what appears to be glossy black with full halos; the BB in carbonized gray with partial halos; and the wht over CG prototype with full halos and silver color; three versions of what I will call the basic grille. Those two are the Base grille with flat black lettering and the BD grille which is the same but with white lettering, both of which have partial halos. Then on the ford site in a photo showing the two and four door in the same photo, there is an AM blue four door with the BD black grille with white letters but it has a full halo. Then there is the BL with two grilles spotted so far. The first one on the ford site is carbonized gray with full halos and then the white bronco from today's post showing a BL grille in carbonized gray but with partial halos. I gotta believe that most if not all will be available on the B&P, with possible exception of the silver prototype. I am sure the AM will address anything not covered by ford on the grille design/color combos.
One of my biggest unanswered questions to date is whether or not the "downgraded"/standard headlights will have white halos that act as DRLs. On Build & Price, it appears that the "downgraded" lights do not have halos. But... from this photo, the answer would seem to be that the downgraded lights DO have halo DRLs. If that's true, I am totally okay with the "downgraded" lights.