Went to Dealer Event.. answers to MY random questions (** UPDATED for 2nd Event **)


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Aug 25, 2020
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Most may not care, but I had a few burning questions (besides seeing a Bronco in person) and thought I'd share.

The event was at Serramonte Ford in Cali North Bay area. They had a 4 Door BD, and a 4 Door Obx... neither had SAS and neither had the MIC (disappointed a bit)

* Fog Lights - Both had the Modular Front Bumper. So I looked under the front to see if I could find some dangling plug that would have been for the Fog Lights. I saw nothing but then again I didn't know where to look. Was really hoping one of the models had the Lights so I could follow the wiring and then confirm on the other.. What I did notice was this.. (the OBx had the Mirror Spot lights, thus the extra 2 buttons). But beyond that, they were identical. So it seems to confirm that when you order the Modular in leu of the regular bumper with Fogs, that Ford does in deed strip stuff out. Still Unclear if behind the scenes the wiring is there or not, and the Presenter of the Bronco did not know the answer).


* Locking Glove Box - YES, both the Glove box and the center console can be locked. They use the "Valet" key that is inside the Key Fob.

* Under Rear seat Storage - Yes there is storage, but it collapses when you drop the rear seats. So it may be the perfect spot to stay store soft things like the door bags, but otherwise there really is no under seat storage (and of course it is NOT secure)

* Trunk (underneath) storage - Pretty small, and not good for much. in the one I looked at, they had the Door Strapping Harness in there and although it was just tossed in there, it took up pretty much the whole thing.

* Door Weight - The Presenter stated that the Fronts were 61 lbs (corrected) and the rears were 48 lbs (corrected). They had taken 1 of the Fronts off and it was in the bag. I lifted it and although weighty it was manageable. But for anyone medium size or so (like me), it may require 2 people at least until you get a feel for them. Especially putting them back on (which reminds me, they have a "Guide Pin" that you thread into the bottom hinges to help you hold the weight and align the top. Then the guide pin comes out so you can put the bottom bolt in)

* Rear Seat Belt Adjustment - Specifically I was looking to see if they where Height Adjustable for Shorter or taller folks.. they are NOT... mounted solid.

* Alarm - I asked the Presenter and he confirmed it does have a "Standard" alarm. Meaning it honks when doors and such are opened. He said it does not have anything for people just reaching into the Bronco. Also not sure about the sensitivity or if it even has "shock". So could someone climb into your Bronco without setting off the alarm if the top was down? ... maybe.

* Tow Kit - Specifically interested in the Wiring for those who don't want to add it from factory. From what I saw, the wires for the hitch plugs are covered in sort of this silver insulation wrap, and it leads straight into the main wiring harness under the truck. aka NO PLUGS.... so I would think adding one afterwards will require some wire tapping for sure.

* Touch Screen While Driving - My current car turns off the touch screen while you are driving. (guess they don't trust people to drive and touch at the same time). Presenter confirmed the touch screen does work while driving, although he could not specially recall if it allows you to manipulate any Setting while driving.

* Center Row Removable Top- During the opening Presentation, this caught my ear. The Presenter stated that the Center Row (aka Back seat) section does NOT fit in the Bronco. I guess it doesn't mean YOU can't find a place somehow, but sounds like Ford made no attempts to allow that to fit in the back, unlike the Front T-Tops. Explains why the Middle Top Bag is NOT part of any listed options on the B&P and has to be purchased via the Parts Catalog.

* Water and Mildew RESISTANT -- During the opening Presentation, when the Presenter was describing the MGV, he seemed to really stress the word "RESISTANT" when talking about the MGV. Maybe just covering Ford's butt, but I interpret that has either the anti-mold chemicals may wear off at some point (if that is how ford did it), or they may not hold up to never ending wet weather.

* MGV - Gotta say, once I actually touched it, I doubted my choice of cloth for a moment but then snapped back. I will say, for those in doubt, don't be.. it felt awesome. Almost sort of silk-ish. I did ask "so how it is after baking in the sun" to which his response was "similar to leather".

* Sport vs Bronco - I gave up trying to explain to my wife how these two are totally different vehicles and how could anyone confuse the two. BUT then I saw them sitting next to each other and it became very clear that the confusion to the average person makes sense and as a Bronco owner, this is something we are just going to have to live with and NOT TAKE OFFENSE. When you see these, especially quickly at a glance, really the only thing that stands out the biggest is that the Bronco has a spare tire on the back and the Sport does not... hardly worth the extra $20k ;)



So I just went to the Roseville Ford Event with some follow-ups. This time I tried to answer as many of the burning questions I could think of from this board.

* MIRROR Distance.... It is 7" (along with a shot of the front sensors) and 10.5" Wide



* Trunk Storage... Confirmed... it is NOT secure. Shut the tailgate, pulled on the hoop and your jack, gas filler, and everything else under there is MINE!!!!

* Door weight corrected... 61 lbs front, 48 lbs back

* Towing Wiring... did my best to try and get the wiring... not very good but... (it is the Silver wrapped wire harness)


* Spare Tire Delete Wiring.... just for those in case...




* Visability .... at least from my point of view.



* Cactus Grey... compared to a dark grey column and a grey concrete... (I know, I know, but damned if it doesn't look greenish)


* Skid plates.... Tried to get a picture that showed the thickness. On the BD, besides the front bumper plate, the only extra skid plate I saw was under the Gas Tank? So maybe the upgraded option gets you more. Without measuring, I'd say they are about a thick as a Penny or Dime.



* Rear Bumper ... Turns out the Bottom Black is solid metal.. the top "lid" is plastic...

* Door Removal Bolts... the included Tool Kit comes with a zippered pocket for the Bolts. It also has the guide pin for helping to put them back on.

* The Carpet feels like normal Vehicle Carpet floor to me. Not sure what an "outdoor" carpet would feel like but it wasn't like astro turf or anything... just normal carpet.

* The Dash was hard plastic. Not necessarily cheap, but nothing rubberish or soft. That was on both the Obx with Lux and the BB.

* Presenter stated that the difference between the 2 door and 4 door was about 16" and those are lost primarily in the Trunk. So the back seats and such are practically the same room.. the hit is in the cargo.

* Rock Rails... just in case, they stand OFF from the body pretty good. I could easily slide my hand between the rail and the actual body....


* There looks to be some sort of extra plate welded in front of the rear link points for extra protection??


* The extra Crash Bars that can be removed..



* Door bag "Folded Up" ...


* Capless Gas has a Rubber gasket all around the door and the pin. Seems pretty solid to keep debris out.. but door is not locked. Just push in to pop open...

Excellent work. Especially the revisions and additions. We need more of this on the forum. Solid info and solid explanations.
Thanks for putting in the time and work on this.


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